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10/24 Workout: “Long” Run 24 October 2010

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I’m putting “long” in quotes for now, because while its a longer run than my mid-week runs, I can’t really call 4 miles “long” by any stretch – not when I ran 13+ miles several times in my not-so-distant past.  I can’t wait to get to 13+ miles again, that’s just such a feeling of accomplishment.

In the meantime, today’s run was slow, but it felt good.  The weather was warmer than I expected, and its truly been a while since I ran a full 4 miles, so I’m not surprised that it was slower than I have been recently.  On the up side, it wasn’t all THAT slow, and I feel like I can definitely work to speed it up over the next month or so.  My hope is to speed up the 4 miles by the end of the year, and then slowly start increasing my mileage so that I’m running half-marathon distance by next fall.  I’m soooo looking forward to running the Philly Distance Run again!!


184.0 22 October 2010

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That feels better than last week, for certain!  I’d been doing really well this week, so I was glad to see the pound-and-a-half loss from last week.  We’re back to eating like normal people, cooking like normal people, and almost back to exercising like normal people (I’d have liked to get in one more run this week, but just couldn’t find the time).  I feel like we’re getting back to that “good place” and I think we’ll stay there for a while!


10/19 Workout: Speed Run 21 October 2010

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Forgive me as I try to write this; I’m attempting of on my iPhone and I expect there to be some weirdness on the spelling correction that I probably won’t catch. Anyway, had a great run on Tuesday, pumped out just a little over 2 miles doing speed repetitions that felt really strong. I’m glad to know that I’m atoll improving my runs a little bit at a time, and with this weather, I’m having a ball doing it. The cooler weather has definitely been beneficial to me, I feel like I’m able to breathe easier during the runs and I’m therefore able to move faster. A very nice fall bonus!!


10/17 Workout: Run 18 October 2010

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Did a decent 3.5 miler yesterday morning.  The weather was perfect for it – nippy enough that I was able to wear long pants, but not so cold as to require a long-sleeved shirt.  I probably could have done 4+ miles yesterday, but a) my GPS watch battery needed to be charged, so I don’t know exactly how far I went and b) we had a ton of cleaning up to do now that the kitchen is complete, so I had to get back to the house and get started.

It was nice to get a longer run in.  At first, I didn’t think I was going to be able to push through because it had been a while since I had done anything beyond about 1.8 miles, but I managed to push through and feel strong doing it.  This weekend should be back to my normal 4+ miles, I’m actually hoping to see if I can’t put together a route that’ll give me 4.5 or 5 on Sunday.  We’ll see how that goes.


185.4 15 October 2010

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Sigh.  I’m at the point now where I’m getting frustrated and dismayed.  I know I’ve had a bit of a whirlwind couple of months, but I still feel pretty defeated.  Over the summer, I watched my mom go to St. John, go to Wildwood, go to Rochester, and go to Florida, and still lose weight … its inspiring, no doubt, but obviously something I need to work on a little more. 

I also have to admit that I have yet to actually count a POINT.  Part of me really doesn’t want to.  I hate having to write everything down, one of the things that drives me nuts about weight loss is that sudden separation between me and all of the normal people (not that I’m particularly normal, but I’d like to be normal in SOME respects, thank you very much).  I look around at work and I see people going out to lunch all of the time.  I don’t, because I know I can’t.  I look around and see them bringing in enormous leftovers from dinner every day.  I bring in small ones because I worry about eating too much.  The one thing that sort of keeps me feeling like a regular person is the fact that I don’t have to obsessively log every damn thing that goes into my mouth, but quite obviously I do need to, and that frustrates me to no end.  The whole reason I have been avoiding Weight Watchers in the first place was because I didn’t want to have to write.  I don’t have a problem weighing my food (though I haven’t been doing that either – my scale’s been busted for a few months, and I refuse to buy a new one until they take a look at the old one, and I just haven’t sent it in yet … part laziness, part difficulty in trying to drag a two year old to the post office), I do have a problem obsessing over it.  Writing and POINTs-counting in general starts to put me in that obsessive place I was trying to avoid.  I spend 90% of my day running my food selections through my head, counting the POINTs over and over, unable to concentrate on much else.  I spent two years doing that ages ago, and was pretty miserable.  Hopefully, I can find a happy medium somewhere, because I’m starting to think that’s my only hope.


10/13 Workout: Run 14 October 2010

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It was short and sweet, but it was good.  Just a mile and three-quarters, enough to keep my muscles from going completely flabby as we move back in to our house.  The renovations are officially done (at least for a month, when the solar panels will be going in), so its time to move back in.  That means that I am spending most of my evenings scrubbing, carrying, and putting away – in essence, NOT running.  So, I’m trying to squeeze in short runs where I can so that I’m not completely out of the game in a week or so when I can get back to normal.

On the upside, it was nice and cool out last night, which made for a great run.  I felt faster than I have in a while, and it felt good.  I definitely could have gone much longer had I been comfortable doing so.  Hopefully this weekend will provide me with good weather and a short break at some point to get another one in!


Fat-Talk Free Week

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Apparently, next week is Fat-Talk Free week.  Here’s an article discussing what some colleges will be doing to recognize it.  I just found it interesting, I know I personally spend a lot of time staring at myself in the mirror in the morning thinking, “Exactly how huge do I look in this?”  I think next week, I’m going to focus on one good thing about each outfit I select instead.

Will you be recognizing Fat-Talk Free week?