A Little Less Of Me

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10/13 Workout: Run 14 October 2010

Filed under: Feel the Burn — lennonzgal @ 19:13

It was short and sweet, but it was good.  Just a mile and three-quarters, enough to keep my muscles from going completely flabby as we move back in to our house.  The renovations are officially done (at least for a month, when the solar panels will be going in), so its time to move back in.  That means that I am spending most of my evenings scrubbing, carrying, and putting away – in essence, NOT running.  So, I’m trying to squeeze in short runs where I can so that I’m not completely out of the game in a week or so when I can get back to normal.

On the upside, it was nice and cool out last night, which made for a great run.  I felt faster than I have in a while, and it felt good.  I definitely could have gone much longer had I been comfortable doing so.  Hopefully this weekend will provide me with good weather and a short break at some point to get another one in!


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