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11/11 Workout: Speed Run 12 November 2010

Filed under: Feel the Burn — lennonzgal @ 14:39

Period be damned (sorry, boys!), I got my ass out there and I’m so glad I did!

Pulled off a little over 2.3 miles in right around 30 minutes (averaged about 13 minutes per mile, a little less really). By the time I got home last night, it was 6:15pm and much too dark for my tastes. Once dinner was over and I was in my running clothes, I was glad I had put on a long-sleeved tech tee, and ended up switching out my baseball cap for my thinner running beanie so that my ears were covered. Boy was that a smart idea. The general rule of thumb is that you should be a little chilly when you go out for a run, because you’re inevitably going to warm up quickly. Even with long sleeves, long pants, and a beanie, my butt was C-O-L-D!! It was probably well into the low 40’s by the time I got out there, and it was getting colder (and windier) by the minute.

I started off slow, and whiny – it was colder than I wanted, and my water bottle (filled with cold water because I’m a moron) was making my hand numb. I’m thinking next time, I might try taking warm water. A good 10 minutes into it, I started feeling great. I had covered more ground in that 10 minutes than I had been on previous speed runs, and I felt really really strong. By the time I was coming back around towards home, I really felt like I could have gone to 2.5, maybe even 3 miles. I didn’t becase frankly it was dark, and I was planning for somewhere between 2-2.5 miles, and I felt like a little over 2.3 covered that quite nicely. Plus, I was passing by my house for the second time. I was thinking that my neighbors might start wondering why I was just trotting back and forth up my street!

Even coming in the house, I was out of breath, but wasn’t gasping. I really felt good about it all. And despite how cold it was outside, I was SOAKED, so I must have been doing something right!

I’ve started to try and use my run for some focus time. A little personal prayer, a little meditation, a little review of the day that passed and the day that is coming. Doing so actually helped me sort of clear my thoughts for the evening, and it helped the time pass really fast – I ended up not needing as many walk breaks this time around, despite the fact that I was doing harder running in spots. Perhaps by the time I get to Philly in September, I might be prepared to run the entire 13.1 …


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