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184.6 12 November 2010

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I seem to be pretty stunted around 184-185 right now, but I’m okay with that. The key here is going to be staying around that weight through Thanksgiving and Christmas so that I can get back into things after the New Year. Just like summer, two weeks from now begins the “Please Just Let Me Stay the Same” phase.

Slowly, I’m starting to cut things back out of my diet. I’ve definitely gotten lax over the past couple of months, including not weighing my foods. Our scale died ages ago, and I finally sent it in to be repaired about two weeks ago. We received a brand new one in the mail last week, so that’s one of the things I’m trying to focus on. The other thing I’m trying to work on is becoming an ingredients-only family. Though my foods will rarely be “reduced-fat” or “fat-free” in that case, I think its overall better for me. Even something as simple as my homemade ice cream has made me realize what a difference homemade can make. A couple weeks ago, I made my first batch of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream (thanks to my very best friend Ashley for always thinking of me and sending me an ice cream maker for my birthday … a girl couldn’t ask for a better friend). There’s still a container of it in the fridge (full-fat ice cream means I can’t exactly go having a bowl every night, and that’s partly a good thing, I think), and I probably have a small spoonful every day – its something nice and sweet that takes the edge off without my having to eat an entire bowl of it. That said, one night Will was having a bowl of ice cream, which I assumed was the one I had made. I asked for a taste, and he gave me one – it was the low-fat Edy’s stuff he had bought from the store (while I’m trying to be ingredients-only, Will is rebelling just a little bit; he loves having a bowl of ice cream every night and is a little grumpy that I’m trying to remove store-bought from the house right now) … it was AWFUL!! I mean, terrible. There was this nasty after taste that didn’t go away for ages. I vowed to never eat the stuff again – it’ll be homemade all the way for us! Just goes to show how much better homemade really is.


One Response to “184.6”

  1. lisa d Says:

    joy has been able to eat all kinds of things using only unprocessed ingredients. i don’t use alot of packaged stuff either, but it sure is convenient on busy days.i give you alot of credit for trying to make a healthier lifestyle for your family ,when convenience would be sooooo much easier. hooray for you missy!!!!!

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