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12/26 Workout: Run 26 December 2010

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Let me start by saying that I ate like shit over the past two days, but isn’t that what Christmas is all about?  I spent the last two days eating a wonderful array of bad-for-me foods, and I enjoyed every minute of it.  That said, I paid for it dearly this morning.  Trying to get in a quality run without the proper nutrition in my system was like trying to drive cross-country on one gallon of gas – not happening.  Still, I got out there and I managed to eek out 2.5 miles in just slightly slower a pace than my last 2.5 miler, so not too much harm done.  And I’m so glad I got out this morning; by the time I hopped out of the shower, the predicted snowstorm had started, and there was no way I’d have convinced myself to get out there this afternoon!

Overall, I feel like the run was decent.  Definitely not my best, but I’ll blame the late-night glass of wine for that.  Plus my lack of water over the past two days.  Oh and the snacks.  And the cakes.  And probably the pies.  Hmmm …

Seriously though, not bad for a post-gorging run.  I felt decent at the end, though I don’t think I had it in me to continue to 3 miles, so I’m glad I decided early on to cut it at 2.5 miles.  I just did my last long run on Wednesday, so I think I’ll keep it at 2.5 to 3 miles until 2011, and I’ll hopefully kick off the new year with a good solid long run.


12/22 Workout: Long Run. For real this time. 22 December 2010

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So, I’ve been MIA for a while … I believe I just survived the three most hellish weeks of my life at work.  One night, I didn’t get out til 9:30pm and that same night, Will didn’t get out til 2:30am.  Its one thing when just one of us is working a ton of overtime – stuff still gets done in the house.  When both of us have been working overtime, and to that extent, NOTHING gets done in the house, and I turn into a stressed lunatic.

Finally, the stress ended and I was able to get in a 2.5 mile run on Sunday, followed by my long run (5 miles) today.  It felt so good, I can’t even tell you.  I was really excited to finally get in the 5 miles I’d been reaching for – I think its been ages since I went even that far.  Matter of fact, I don’t believe I’ve run it since I started this blog nearly two years ago, so its likely that I haven’t run that far since I was training for that last half marathon in 2007.  Yikes!

It was a decent run, took me 1:08 to run the 5 miles, and I felt so good doing it.  I muscled my way up the hills in my area (and there are a crap-ton of them), and I enjoyed the trips back down them too.  By the time I got home, my legs were cold as ice, but I felt wonderful.  I think it was a great way to start of my Christmas vacation!


12/3 Workout: Hill Run 4 December 2010

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Wow.  My neighborhood is pretty hilly, but there’s this one hill at the end of our neighborhood that’s a bitch to climb.  I muscle through it every weekend to do my longer runs, which extend out of my neighborhood and onto some of the side streets, but for the past month or so I’ve been trying to do one night of hill work where I really conquer that hill a couple of times.  Right now, I’m just doing it twice with a little recovery in between (basically, I pass the hill twice normally, so now I run up/down it instead of passing it) – I’m hoping to get to a point where I can climb it faster and more often.  We’ll get there.  For now, I’m just glad I’m not afraid of it anymore!

Tonight’s run was great.  Despite the cold and the breeze (I won’t say “wind” because apparently we haven’t seen wind yet this week … that’ll come on Sunday when I’m to run again), I had a good time.  I love running around Christmastime because I can enjoy and critique the neighborhood’s light displays.  From our neighbor who has one of the most gorgeous light setups I’ve ever seen (he basically strings lights down from the tip of his house to the ground so that they look like a Christmas tree … I find them more and more stunning every year), to the all-red displays that make me think that maybe Satan is celebrating in that house (I’ve never understood the all-red displays to be honest).  Plus everything in between, including the seizure-inducing spiral tree around the corner.  Not that we’re perfect – we have only one of two trees lit, and I have very few outdoor things on display, and I’m ashamed to say we haven’t had a chance to do our windows yet.  My parents always have a gorgeous (yet Griswald-esque) display, and I aspire to be able to have my house look like theirs someday.  In the meantime, I run around the neighborhood taking notes on what to (and not to) do in the future.

Also (and this is my dirty little secret), the nighttime runs in the winter allow me to peep into people’s houses to see how they’ve decorated.  In the wintertime, it gets darker earlier, so everyone’s homes are lit up and if they don’t have their shades down or curtains covering the windows, you can see in and see what their tastes are like.  I love peeping in as I run past to see everything from a lovely deep brown covering the front hallway to a myriad of what-were-they-thinking shades in bedrooms and living rooms.  It gives me great ideas for redecorating (much to Will’s dismay).  So, as much as I might whine about the cold in coming months (and believe me, I will), its really fun to get to see what people’s houses are like in the dark.  (A hint to my neighbors – shut the shades!)


184.4 3 December 2010

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Not bad for the weigh-in after Thanksgiving.  Also not bad for my first serious WW week … or at least, partial week (I started on Tuesday, I think).  I’m liking this new program for a few reasons – first, I’ve not changed what I’ve been eating much at all, and I’m actually needing to eat more than I thought.  Also, I’ve already found myself making better choices when it comes to eating fruit (0 POINTs) versus a granola bar (4-5 POINTs).  Its not much, but little changes like that can really make a difference.

All in all, a decent week, despite my inability to run last night (Will was at a work happy hour and while he promised to get home by 7:30 so I could run, it was 8pm before he walked in the door, and I can’t run that late … so I’ll try again tonight), I think I did well.  I can’t wait to see what my first real WW week does!


The New WW 1 December 2010

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So, I’ve been loosely following the POINTs plan for a few months now.  I’ve not been following it closely enough to expect any sort of drastic change in my weight, and frankly I’ve probably been ignoring it for the last month even.  Until today, anyway.

This week, I’m sure you’ve heard from commercials, the news, etc (yes, it was on CNN) that Weight Watchers drastically changed the way their POINTs are calculated.  The old way calculated them based on calories, fat, and fiber.  It certainly worked, but it tempted people into buying any package that said “low-fat” and “100-calorie” on it – not exactly healthy eating.

The new method interests me greatly – it stops bothering with calories and instead uses fat, fiber, carbohydrates, and protein to make a POINTs determination.  Personally, I think its about time.  I think that that’ll really encourage me to think about what I eat and make better choices, but we’ll see – every diet plan has a loophole, right?

In the meantime, I can’t figure a way to get out of the house once a week to go to a WW meeting – again, I want to spend MORE time with Liam – not less.  So, I joined the online community to see how much I can glean from it.  I’m still hoping to get down to my mom’s once a month to take advantage of my Lifetime membership and weigh in officially there.  I feel like that’ll give me something to work with.

So, today will be the first day of my tracking POINTs.  With the monsoon that’s happening, I don’t know that I’ll be able to add activity POINTs, though maybe I’ll start throwing in a little HHA again … its been a while since I giggled at Shawn T.  Heh.


11/30 Workout: Speed Run

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Another delightful 5am run.  I’m gonna be honest – I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t think of that sooner.  Liam goes to daycare two days a week.  Will and I take turns dropping him off, and whoever does the dropping doesn’t leave the house til 6:30am.  The one who does the pickup leaves the house between 5:30am (me) and 6am (Will).  Given that, if I wake up at my normal time of 4:45am (sigh), I can grab a quick breakfast and get out for a short 30-minute run while Will gets ready to go to work.  Unfortunately, I think I’m down to precious few weeks where that’ll be do-able since the temperatures are soon to plummet.  I’ll take them while I can get them though.

Yesterday morning was wonderful – it was about 43 degrees out; had it been sunny out, I wouldn’t have been able to wear the long-sleeved tech shirt that I had.  With the moon still out though, it was perfect.  I felt like I plowed through the speed portions, petering out just at the point where I needed to slow down anyway.  I did 2.2 miles in 29:45-ish, which is a decent speed for me.

I also feel good about the morning runs because it minimizes the time I need to be away from Liam.  I’m already away from him for a 40-hour work week and a long run on Saturday, fitting in two weeknight runs was making me feel bad for skipping out on him constantly.  Being able to switch one of those to the morningtime when he’d be asleep anyway made me feel like I was making great use of my time!!