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1/30 Workout: Long Run 31 January 2011

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Last week, possibly the week before, I thought to myself, “Hm.  I know we’re headed to the shore sometime in May, but I should figure out when so that I can maybe sign up for the Broad Street Run.”  As I was considering the idea, I started noticing friends on Facebook saying, “Broad Street closed in 5 days … glad I signed up!” and I was totally bummed!  I double-checked the website, only to find that the race was indeed closed.  Bummer.

It was a record for the race.  I think they recently started limiting the race to 30,000 runners, and each year its been filling up quicker and quicker.  Thankfully, the news started reporting that the race coordinators were going to put together a method of bib trading – a way for someone who has signed up but has had a recent change of plans to sell their race number and the right to race with someone who still wants to run.  Also, they’re talking about finding a way to guarantee that anyone who volunteers for the race this year will get a space in the run next year.

So, I’m training like I might still get a space in the run.  In addition, I had promised myself that I’d stick to between 5-6 miles on the weekends during the winter, but I hadn’t yet reached that 6 mile mark.  Today,  I hit it on the nose – 6.01 miles!  I had to start getting creative in my run – turning up and down streets every time I saw one – but I did it.  I feel like I can manage to keep that distance (bouncing between 5-6 miles) for the remainder of the winter, and then start building back up in March.  In the meantime, now that I’ve hit that 6 mile mark, I’m trying to decide if I should try and knock out my walks every 5 minutes (remember, I still faithfully follow Jeff Galloway‘s walk break method, doing 5 minute runs with 1 minute walks), or if I should merely attempt to speed up the runs themselves – I’m thinking at this point that I’m going to try and speed up the runs and see how that goes.  Today’s run was a bit slow – somewhere between 13:45/mile and 14:00/mile, but I feel like I often run slower on my long runs because of the ridiculous number of hills that I have to deal with.  Still, if I could get that to around 11:45/mile by the time Spring rolls around, that would be superb!  I’ve been logging my miles in a book with each run, and its really helping me to see my improvement over time.  It would be so motivating to see a good speed increase over time – I think I’ve made my decision – speeding up the runs, it is!


1/29 Workout: EA Active 30 January 2011

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After Liam’s dance class, we got home to find it was snowing – not a lot, but snow nonetheless.  So, tomorrow I’ll run, and today I did EA Active.  I did the hard version of the Calorie Burner, and I finished it this time!  Near killed me, but dammit, I did it!  I’m pretty happy with that, but I can’t wait to actually get out on a run again!!



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Years ago, when I started running, a friend said to me, “Oh – if you’re going to start running, the pounds are just going to fly off!”  I remember being excited then, because that’s not at all why I was planning to start – I wanted to start to get healthy.  I had sort of stopped caring where my weight was.  Imagine my embarrassment then when I did not, in fact, have the pounds flying off.

Fast-forward a couple of years, and I had started receiving Runners World magazine.  In it, I read an article about how runners are often surprised that they do not lose weight.  I felt glad that I wasn’t alone.  Since then, I’ve happened upon numerous articles here and there listing the million reasons why doing things like running and strength training are not necessarily for the weight-conscious.  While they’re great at keeping you in shape, the muscle that you’re building is heavier than the fat that you’re burning, and so you can often end up weighing more.

Which is not to say I’m not frustrated.  I hate feeling like I’m having a great week, then seeing the scale not budge even a little bit.  At the same time, I do feel like my clothes are fitting just a hair better, so that’s encouraging.  I also think that when I don’t run on the weekend, despite any attempts to burn calories in other ways, I just don’t lose.  And if you recall, last weekend was not a good weekend for a run.  Hopefully this weekend will be.

Finally, I’ve been out of my routine this week – I left work on Tuesday as usual, and haven’t been back to work since, thanks to snow.  Being at home presents a different kind of challenge for me.  Food-wise, I think I did well.  I definitely tracked every little thing that went into my mouth, and I stayed within my Points both days, but water is a whole other story.  I do drink water, and I drink enough to stay hydrated (as is evidenced by the fact that I didn’t get a hydration knot while I was running yesterday), but the fact is that I can never find the time to drink quite as much water as I do on days that I’m at work.  On a normal daily weigh-in, I weigh the same between Wednesday and Thursday because I’m home on Wednesday (which did happen this week), but then my weigh-in on Friday seems to come with a somewhat significant loss because I went back to work and continued to drink enough water (which didn’t happen this week).  So, I’ll take my stay-the-same and live with it.  Its not a gain, and I think that I can do better next week.


1/22 – 1/27 Workouts 27 January 2011

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Apparently, I haven’t been logging my workouts, so here goes!

1/22 EA Active: I know I DID EA Active, I just can’t remember WHAT I did on it.  Ah well, at least I exercised.

1/23 EA Active: This one, I remember.  I was going to run, but the wind was really whippy and the “real feel” temperature outside was 15.  Call me crazy, but I don’t run when its under 20.  So, I did the “hard” version of the Calorie Burner exercise on EA Active.  Or, at least I tried to – I got about a half-hour into it and wanted to cry.  It really kicked my ass, which is great.

1/25 Speed Run: Hey – when you have a 40 degree day, you take advantage of it.  As soon as dinner was done, I hit the pavement and got a great run in.  I hate hate hate to admit it, but that damn video game is really seeming to help me.  I believe that I was faster and I definitely recovered more quickly, probably due to the cross-training that I’ve been doing.  Unfortunately, I can’t tell for certain because I keep forgetting to charge my Garmin.

1/26 EA Active.  And shoveling: Hell yeah, I’m counting the shoveling.  It was thick, heavy stuff.  And I did like an hour or so of it.  I followed that up with a little EA Active – the Upper Body and Core workout.  I can say that my arms are killing me, though I think I could have used a little more of the “core” part of it.  I might try it on hard next time around.

1/27 Hill Run.  And shoveling: Yep, still counting it, though today was probably only like 45 minutes of it, because then Liam could escape the driveway and play with his friends, so I was watching him.  Thankfully, we have a Godsend of a neighbor who used his snowblower to take care of our walkways and the plow residue.  Otherwise, I fear we’d still be digging ourselves out.  After Liam went for a nap, I hit the pavement again to take advantage of the fact that the bright sun (which has now hidden behind the clouds) melted the snow in the street.  I wasn’t sure I’d get that chance again for a few days.  So, I hit the streets and did a great hill workout.  I’m really pleased with myself, to be honest.  I’ve been keeping pretty up with getting in SOME sort of workout for 4-5 days a week.  Thats not too shabby!

Now, time for a bath.  I STINK!


187.2 21 January 2011

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Today ends one of the more stressful weeks that I’ve had in a while.  The project I’ve got at work isn’t going anywhere near how I was hoping it would go, and on top of that, I’m driving around in a still-soggy car.  No wonder I spent Tuesday and Wednesday eating like there was no tomorrow.  I managed to rein it in and muster a half-pound loss, so I’m pretty pleased with myself.  I feel like I can quickly get back on track next week, so I’m looking forward to continuing my trek down the scale!


1/20 Workout: Hill Run

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I can’t even begin to tell you how amazingly strong I felt last night.  I started out the run saying to myself, “Ok, its cold and I only want to do a mile and a half, so let’s just plug through it and get home.”  By the time I reached the hill at the top of my neighborhood, I was feeling good and feeling like perhaps I might take it to 2 miles instead. 

The rule of thumb on a hill run is to find a hill that takes you about 30 seconds to a minute to get up, and then run up it and back down in repititions.  Since I pass by the hill twice during my run, I do the hill twice on the first pass and twice on the second.  After last night, I’m thinking I might have to increase that to three times per pass.

In the end, I managed 2.75 miles, and probably could have gone for three if I had felt like it – I didn’t even feel all that beat when I got home, so I feel like perhaps I can push through a little harder next time.  Its hard to decide whether I want to keep the speed but increase the hill work, or keep the hill work and increase the speed.  I guess we’ll see what I feel like doing the next time I’m out there!


1/19 Workout: EA Active 20 January 2011

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This one’s a no-brainer on my day off.  While Liam is napping (or, as the case usually may be, talking and singing to himself in the crib), I can easily get in a half-hour workout after I’ve gotten the rest of my naptime chores done.  So, EA Active seems like a great option for that time of day.  I did the 30-minute Calorie Burner exercise again (the one I didn’t completely finish last week), and I got through it this time.  I’m not sore today, so I have to question whether I did everything correctly.  I’m going to try it again this weekend to see if maybe I’m just ready to upgrade to the hard level.  We’ll see!!