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1/4 Workout: Speed Run 5 January 2011

Filed under: Feel the Burn — lennonzgal @ 15:25

I just checked – the last time I did speed work was right before Thanksgiving.  Yikes!  It was 2.15 miles, and I did it in around 29 minutes.  Last night, I was significantly slower, which disappointed me, but when I realized that although I was slower, I covered 2.7 miles!  Adding an extra .55 miles to a speed run that I haven’t tried in over a month isn’t bad, and I half would expect it to be slower – partly because I’m covering more ground, and partly because I’m out of practice.

On a good note, there was just one unauthorized walk, and I do believe that it was more because I was out of breath, not because my legs were tired.  I probably could have pushed through it, but I don’t think that one extra walk killed me too much.

All in all, a decent run.  The weather was nice for this time of year – something like 34 degrees and not too windy, but since it was dark I donned my winter gear, and that definitely worked for me.  This morning, I even feel good just knowing that I went for a run last night – that makes me pretty happy too.  It always amazes me how good and confident I feel after a run.  That right there makes it totally worth it.


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