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1/15 Workout: Long Run 16 January 2011

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I wish I could tell you how far I went, but I can’t – my Garmin was dead, so I used an iPhone app that I don’t trust.  I’m fairly certain that I went about 5.25 miles, the app said I went 4.9 miles – in the reviews I read (the app was free, by the way), a number of people said that they compared notes to their Garmins and found that the app was WAY off on mileage.  So, I don’t know how far I went.

I DO know that I was AWESOME!  I checked my running journal after I got back – its been 11 days since I ran last, thanks to snow, freezing temps, and ice.  I knew that I would be okay because I had continued to at least do a little bit of a workout with EA Active, and I honestly think that the squats and the lower-body workouts were helping keep my legs ready for a run.

When I left the house, I felt strong right from the start.  I kept telling myself, “If I only make it my 2.5 mile short distance, that’s fine.  Its been a while since I ran.”  Yet, I kept on going.  And going.

I left the house around 2:30pm, wearing my normal “its cold” garb: wicking hat and gloves, tech tee, and running tights.  When I got outside, I was a little concerned that my tights might have been too warm, and they were for about 15-20 minutes, but then I was really glad I had them.  The sun started to set slightly, and the wind started to pick up.  By the time I came upon what I’ll say was 5 miles, my butt was numb and I c0uld feel my muscles starting to complain that it was too cold.  Thankfully, I was pretty close to home, so I finished up by pushing through one last cul-de-sac and then headed down the street to my house.

Numb or not, I’m really proud of myself.  I don’t know what possessed me to decide to push myself out of the neighborhood, but I’m really glad I did.  It gave me just the boost I need to be excited for more runs this week.  And now I know that my neighborhood is pretty ice-free, so I’m not uncomfortable with running at night, as long as I have my headlamp on.


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