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RLAM: No Shame!! 18 January 2011

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Oh yes its great to be an engine as you’re steaming along,
Puff puff puffing along
Peep peep peeping along
All the people waving as you speed along
Puff puff puffing along
All day!

They probably didn’t discuss this in the book as much as I feel like they did, but its one of the things that stuck out in my head, and for me its particularly relevant – there needs to be NO SHAME in what you listen to as you run!  Yeah, it sounds simple, but if you listened to my playlist, you’d understand.  The lyrics above are from “Its Great to Be An Engine” from the Thomas the Tank Engine series – one of several kids’ songs that one might find on my iPod.  In Run Like a Mother, Dimity and Sarah both list some of their favorite songs to listen to as they run. The playlists in the book crack me up, and even their website boasts several playlists, with old, new, and kiddie songs on them. At least I’m not the only one!

I find that there’s a great difference between the music I listen to on a daily basis (Beatles, Aerosmith, BNL, to name a few) and the music I listen to when I run (Black Eyed Peas, Thomas and Friends, The Muppets).  Part of it is because I need a certain peppy tune when I run – “She Loves You” just doesn’t cut it (sorry lads) for pounding the pavement, but a song about a train whizzing through towns does.  Go figure. 

One thing I’ve noticed is that a good running song immediately makes me imagine a run when I hear it, which is how half of my kids’ songs got on there.  You spend enough time in the car listening to Mickey Mouse, Thomas, and Choo Choo Soul, and eventually you’ll find a song that gets you moving.  The Liam songs also have another effect on me – not only do they mesh well with the other myriad of tunes that shuffle as I run, but they’re also a reminder of why I run.  When “My Humps” ends and “Let’s Have a Race” (another Thomas tune) comes on, I smile.  It makes me realize that I’m running to stay healthy, and I’m staying healthy for my son.  It also reminds me that Liam is waiting for me at home, which helps me pick up my pace.  Not bad for a goofy little minute and a half song, eh? 

So, I’ve decided that there’s no shame in listening to weird songs (and boy do I have quite a few of them).  There’s nothing wrong with “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It” being followed by “Movin’ Right Along” (thank you, Kermit and Fozzie), as long as it keeps my feet moving and arms pumping!!


2 Responses to “RLAM: No Shame!!”

  1. Joy Manning Says:

    I listen to the trashiest pop music when I run. Right now, I’m totally into K$sha:

    My favorite part:

    “I’ve been through my sketchy phases, been broke, been a sh*ty waitress. But I’m not now. Guess it worked out. Got here by running my mouth.”

    Amen, K$sha!

  2. lennonzgal Says:

    That’s fantastic! I’m so glad I’m not alone in listening to crap on my runs!!!

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