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My quest to become thinner and healthier

187.2 30 January 2011

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Years ago, when I started running, a friend said to me, “Oh – if you’re going to start running, the pounds are just going to fly off!”  I remember being excited then, because that’s not at all why I was planning to start – I wanted to start to get healthy.  I had sort of stopped caring where my weight was.  Imagine my embarrassment then when I did not, in fact, have the pounds flying off.

Fast-forward a couple of years, and I had started receiving Runners World magazine.  In it, I read an article about how runners are often surprised that they do not lose weight.  I felt glad that I wasn’t alone.  Since then, I’ve happened upon numerous articles here and there listing the million reasons why doing things like running and strength training are not necessarily for the weight-conscious.  While they’re great at keeping you in shape, the muscle that you’re building is heavier than the fat that you’re burning, and so you can often end up weighing more.

Which is not to say I’m not frustrated.  I hate feeling like I’m having a great week, then seeing the scale not budge even a little bit.  At the same time, I do feel like my clothes are fitting just a hair better, so that’s encouraging.  I also think that when I don’t run on the weekend, despite any attempts to burn calories in other ways, I just don’t lose.  And if you recall, last weekend was not a good weekend for a run.  Hopefully this weekend will be.

Finally, I’ve been out of my routine this week – I left work on Tuesday as usual, and haven’t been back to work since, thanks to snow.  Being at home presents a different kind of challenge for me.  Food-wise, I think I did well.  I definitely tracked every little thing that went into my mouth, and I stayed within my Points both days, but water is a whole other story.  I do drink water, and I drink enough to stay hydrated (as is evidenced by the fact that I didn’t get a hydration knot while I was running yesterday), but the fact is that I can never find the time to drink quite as much water as I do on days that I’m at work.  On a normal daily weigh-in, I weigh the same between Wednesday and Thursday because I’m home on Wednesday (which did happen this week), but then my weigh-in on Friday seems to come with a somewhat significant loss because I went back to work and continued to drink enough water (which didn’t happen this week).  So, I’ll take my stay-the-same and live with it.  Its not a gain, and I think that I can do better next week.


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