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1/30 Workout: Long Run 31 January 2011

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Last week, possibly the week before, I thought to myself, “Hm.  I know we’re headed to the shore sometime in May, but I should figure out when so that I can maybe sign up for the Broad Street Run.”  As I was considering the idea, I started noticing friends on Facebook saying, “Broad Street closed in 5 days … glad I signed up!” and I was totally bummed!  I double-checked the website, only to find that the race was indeed closed.  Bummer.

It was a record for the race.  I think they recently started limiting the race to 30,000 runners, and each year its been filling up quicker and quicker.  Thankfully, the news started reporting that the race coordinators were going to put together a method of bib trading – a way for someone who has signed up but has had a recent change of plans to sell their race number and the right to race with someone who still wants to run.  Also, they’re talking about finding a way to guarantee that anyone who volunteers for the race this year will get a space in the run next year.

So, I’m training like I might still get a space in the run.  In addition, I had promised myself that I’d stick to between 5-6 miles on the weekends during the winter, but I hadn’t yet reached that 6 mile mark.  Today,  I hit it on the nose – 6.01 miles!  I had to start getting creative in my run – turning up and down streets every time I saw one – but I did it.  I feel like I can manage to keep that distance (bouncing between 5-6 miles) for the remainder of the winter, and then start building back up in March.  In the meantime, now that I’ve hit that 6 mile mark, I’m trying to decide if I should try and knock out my walks every 5 minutes (remember, I still faithfully follow Jeff Galloway‘s walk break method, doing 5 minute runs with 1 minute walks), or if I should merely attempt to speed up the runs themselves – I’m thinking at this point that I’m going to try and speed up the runs and see how that goes.  Today’s run was a bit slow – somewhere between 13:45/mile and 14:00/mile, but I feel like I often run slower on my long runs because of the ridiculous number of hills that I have to deal with.  Still, if I could get that to around 11:45/mile by the time Spring rolls around, that would be superb!  I’ve been logging my miles in a book with each run, and its really helping me to see my improvement over time.  It would be so motivating to see a good speed increase over time – I think I’ve made my decision – speeding up the runs, it is!


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