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186.8 25 February 2011

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Once again, life has gotten in the way of my blogging.  Will has been working a ton of OT, and I’ve been basically strapped to my desk at work, unable to take a 5 minute break.  But, here I am, finally. 

I’m definitely frustrated by my weight this week – there was no reason for it, except that due to Will’s crazy schedule, I missed a run.  Not a big deal, especially since I adjusted my intake that day to account for it, but obviously something went wrong.  Sort of busts a hole in my “get down to pre-Christmas weight by the end of February” plan, too.  Sigh.

Part of my frustration is that it seems like the entire world is on the new Weight Watchers program with me, and I am panicked that I’m going to be the only one who doesn’t have success on the program.  I realize everyone has their struggles, and this is certainly mine, but it would be nice every once in a while to catch a break.  I had such an easy time back in 2001 losing 80 pounds (ok, I was 21 years old, not married, and living at home where I didn’t have to worry about cleaning an entire house and chasing a toddler, so that probably helped a bit), so I get doubly frustrated that 10 years later I’m killing myself to lose just 5-10 pounds.  I’m sure a bit of it has to do with age – I’ve heard from so many people that once you hit 30, the struggle really begins, and I’m definitely finding that to be true.  Still, if my friends can do it, I feel like I should be able to as well.

So, here’s to another week, another attempt at a loss, and hopefully a week full of good exercise as well, though I’m not holding my breath on that one.


2/15 & 2/16 Workouts 17 February 2011

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Yep, as usual forgot to post yesterday, heh.

2/15: EA Active.  I decided a couple of weeks ago that one EA Active workout would be for core and upper body, and the other would be for legs – basically to tone up those leg muscles that maybe don’t get as much love during a run.  I entered in the info into my “trainer” and she generated a 30 minute “normal” workout for me.  I’ll say it was decent, but I definitely need it to be on “hard” to feel like the workout was worth it.  In the end, it was 170+ calories burned, and my legs were definitely just a hair sore the next day (that’ll happen when you spend basically 30 minutes squatting), but all in all, I’ll be interested to see how “hard” works out.

2/16: Speed Run. I was SOOO happy to get out for a run last night, I can’t even begin to tell you.  It was about 40 degrees when I hit the pavement, just perfect out.  A slight wind, enough to make me want my running tights over any other pair of pants, but not cold enough to warrant a cold-weather top.  Add in my gloves and a light hat, and I was off and, well, running.  Did well, averaged just under 13:15/mile, which is decent for me.  Did 2.5 miles, I’ve decided that speed work right now will be 2.5-3 miles, and hill work will be 3-3.5 miles.  That seems to work for me, and I’m content doing it.  We’ll see how it shapes up.  I was really happy with the run, and it felt so nice to sink into the bathtub last night, as I really felt that I worked hard enough to deserve it.  Yay me!


185.6 11 February 2011

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Could. Not. Be. Happier.

I was SOOOO well-behaved this week, I can’t even begin to tell you.  I’ve found a new favorite lunch, almonds and apples.  Slice up an apple (0 Points) and get 1/4 c of almonds (4-5 points, depending on what kind).  This week, I grabbed cinnamon almonds from Wegman’s, and oh boy are they wonderful!!  Keeps me full and almost makes me feel like I’m eating candy for lunch!!  I need to learn to make them on my own though – it can’t be hard, and then I’d know exactly what was in them. 

Aside from that, just a really good week.  Got in plenty of exercise despite the frigid temps, and was really happy to see the scale mirror my efforts.  I’m hoping to see my pre-December weight (184-ish) by the end of the month, but we’ll see.  That’s probably a lofty goal.  Can’t hurt to try though, right?


This Week’s Workouts

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Don’t take the lack of blogging as a lack of working out.  Its been nuts at work this week, and Will’s been working weird hours again, so I just didn’t have time to log.  I’m going to summarize here:

2/5 EA Active: Decided to do an upper-body and core workout on the weekends to try and cross-train a little bit more.  It kicked my butt big time, I’m pretty sure my abs were sore well into the beginning of the week.

2/6 Run: Did a decent 5-miler.  Since I’m trying to start speeding up, I figure I’ll bounce between 5 and 6 miles on the weekends, just trying to spiff up my speed.  This week, I felt like I kicked it up a bit, and saw a decent time at the end of the run (which I can’t remember currently), so I was pleased with it.  Also, it afforded me a chance to eat a little extra bread at Bertucci’s that night.  Always a bonus.

2/8 Run: OMG was it windy!  I ended up coming home really early because Liam was sick with an ear infection and Will had some stuff that he had to do at work.  I got home and went for a quick (2.5 mile) run before he headed out the door.  I’m so glad I went when I did – the early morning was near 40 degrees and lovely.  By the time I got out there around 10am, it was closer to 30 degrees and the wind was really whippy.  I did a decent time (maybe around 13:00/mile, which is quick for me), and was pleased with the overall run, despite being a little windburnt afterwards.

2/9 EA Active: Did my hard calorie burner, which is a little less hard all of a sudden.  Its a 45 minute exercise, and Liam was kind enough to do the last 30 minutes with me.  Thankfully, the exercises keep him entertained, so I can continue doing them.  That said, if this is getting that easy, I’m thinking it might be time to find myself another video, or to maybe put together my own workout through Active.

2/10 Run: Last night, I thought to myself, “Self, its a mere 24 degrees out – that’s perfectly fine for a run,” and off I went.  For the first 3/4 mile, I couldn’t feel my fingers.  Once the blood started pumping though, I did a great job.  I made it a hill run, and so was quite slow (14:00/mile), but I slammed that hill 6 times overall and actually felt like perhaps I should have done it a couple more times.  Overall it was a rewarding 3 miles, and I feel like I can step it up next time.

So, not a bad week overall.  I got in my 5 workouts, and feel really good about them!


186.6 4 February 2011

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Will has had another week of whackadoo hours – he didn’t get in til almost 11pm last night – and when he’s gone, I can’t work out.  Not his fault, work just is busy right now, but I definitely feel like I didn’t get in the work I should have this week.  I did get in one session of EA Active on Wednesday, where I did the Upper Body and Core workout (my abs STILL hurt), so I did do something, I just feel like I could have done more.  Also not helping was the ridiculous amounts of snow/ice/rain that we’ve been getting over the past week.

Still, I’m glad to see more downward movement here.  The speed (or lack thereof) at which its dropping isn’t pleasing me too much, but its still dropping, so I’m not going to argue too terribly much.  I’m slowly tweaking things that I eat here and there to see what I can do to increase the losses each week, but I’m not getting too drastic just yet.  I’m still moving downward, so I’m happy.