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3/27 Workout: EA Active 28 March 2011

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Yesterday’s workout was weak.  I think I was still a little fatigued (in a good way) from Saturday’s run, and I just didn’t have it in me.  Add to that the fact that I had spent the entire morning running around doing chores, and that made for a pitiful afternoon workout.  That said, I did manage to muddle through it, which was good.  Yesterday’s focus was arms and abs, and while I think the workout helped, I think I need a stronger resistance band – the one EA Active comes with is getting to be a little too easy.  That’s a good thing, right?


3/26 Workout: LOOOONG Run

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Nailed 7.75 miles on Saturday and felt REALLY good.  Also felt like I didn’t have a chance of eeking out much more than that, which is good.  I shouldn’t have been able to feel like I was going to push farther, that would have meant I wasn’t pushing enough during the run.  I hit the 10% increase basically dead-on (going from 7 miles last week to 7.75 this week), and I felt like it was definitely do-able.  I also felt like perhaps that May half-marathon isn’t such a bad idea after all.

I keep flip-flopping on whether or not I’m going to do it.  I’ve mentioned the possibility to a few people who have all scrunched up their faces and said, “Oohhh, isn’t Fairmount Park really really hilly?”  Now, I’m certainly not afraid of hills (I swear I live in the hilliest neighborhood this side of the Appalachians), but I also don’t know that I want my first half marathon in about 5 years to be one that nearly kills me either.  So, I flip-flop.  I honestly need to do some research and take a look at the race map and determine exactly how hilly it might be.  Another factor in my success will be the entire month of April.  April showers may bring May flowers, but they also bring crappy workouts.  If I can manage to avoid getting totally rained out in April, then I expect I’ll be running 13.1 in May, which would be nice.  Maybe not getting into Broad Street wasn’t such a bad thing after all!


185.2. Sigh. 25 March 2011

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I was coming up with every excuse in the book not to write this post today, because I’m THAT disappointed with the weight.  I had done so well over the last two weeks, I was hoping to see some more downward motion.  And truth be told, there’s no reason to have gained two pounds this week – yes, I had my free Rita’s on the weekend, but that’s no a two-pounder.  Plus, I did all of my exercises this week, with the exception of my normally scheduled EA Active on Saturday.  To be honest, I more than covered that with the extra mileage on Sunday.

Based on the fact that my legs are still sore, I’m hoping that maybe the gain is due to the fact that my muscles are still swollen.  Whatever the case, this weekend and next week will see a more careful examination of foods, a better determination in exercise, and hopefully a decrease back to where I was last week.  One can hope, right?


3/24 Workout: Hill Run

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I can’t tell you how far I ran last night, because my Garmin’s battery was dead again.  Someday, I’ll remember to charge it the morning before a run.  Sadly, probably I won’t.

Last night’s run was cold, slow, and painful.  My legs have been perpetually sore since last Sunday’s 7-miler, a soreness that I hope will go away once my body gets used to the increased mileage.  My hope is that once I do a half-marathon, I can continue running between 8-12 miles on a weekend throughout the year, and permanently get rid of that pain.  Wouldn’t that be nice?

Like I said, I don’t know how far I got last night, but I felt like I was slogging through the entire run.  Based on previous runs, I think I managed around 3.25 – 3.5 miles, which probably isn’t bad for the 44 minutes I was running.  I’ll try and duplicate last night’s run again next week, just to see what the actual distance was.  In the meantime, I got out there, despite the cold and wind, and I ran.  Go me!


3/23 Workout: EA Active 24 March 2011

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I totally did NOT want to work out yesterday.  When Liam went down for his nap, I came up with every excuse in the book not to do it.  I cleaned, I neatened, I organized … anything to avoid the inevitable.  Finally, the downstairs was neat as a pin, and I couldn’t straighten the upstairs for fear of waking Liam up, so I gave in and started my work0ut.  I wasn’t nearly as into it as I could have been, but at the same time, by the time I was through it, I felt better about it all.  About halfway through, Liam woke up and Will brought him down to “help” me do my exercises (this consists of Liam spending half of the video asking me what I’m doing, to which I reply, “Mommy is doing her exercises,” and he spends the other half saying things like, “Mommy, good job!” – how can you not love that?), and that definitely made the wrap-up easier. 

In all, I managed about a 45-minute workout, so not bad.  I’ll be happy to get another run in tonight though – as the weather gets nicer and nicer, I find it harder and harder to be cooped up inside!!


3/22 Workout: Speed Run

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I definitely wanted to take as much advantage of the warmer weather while it lasted (its now over, sigh), so I hit the pavement for a nice 3-mile speed workout.  It wasn’t my best work – I think I averaged just under 13:15/mile – but it was decent, and I felt like I had used up all of my energy by the end of the run.  The nice part was, I didn’t have to turn my headlamp on until the last half of the run!  I can’t wait til  I don’t have to wear that thing anymore.  It does make me feel safer running in the fall/winter, but it gets annoying by the spring.  I’ll be happy to pull the batteries out and put the thing away soon.


3/20 Workout: Long Run 21 March 2011

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Yesterday, I nailed 7 miles at 13:20/mile.  And today, those 7 miles feel like they’re nailing me!

I’m actually pretty proud of myself – after rushing through 5 miles last week to make sure we got out of the house in time, I was a little apprehensive about trying 7 miles.  In all technicality, I should have only done about 6.5 – you’re only supposed to increase your mileage about 10% each week.  Still, I knew I had 7 miles in me, I knew I’d done it before (albeit about 5 years ago – yikes!), and I knew I could do it again.  So, off I went. 

Sunday was a lovely day, somewhere in the 50’s, sunny enough for capris and a short-sleeved tee.  It was one of those days where everyone and their brother was outside, so I spent a good portion of the run wishing everyone a Happy Spring!  I think that half of my motivation came from the fact that winter is officially over.  The other half came from the sugar in the sweedish fish flavored Rita’s Water Ice that I had for lunch.

All in all, a great run.  I definitely felt at the end that I didn’t have much, if anything, left in me, and I cursed a little bit as I passed my house at 6.95 miles – I wasn’t skipping out on .05 miles just to get in the door, so I ran two houses down and turned around to make that 7 mile marker. 

Today, I’ll proudly limp as a sign that I mastered the 7 mile loop!