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Workout Catch-Up 4 March 2011

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Yup, still crazy-busy.  I’m at least trying to check in on Fridays.  I don’t even know where I left off!!  Ah.  There we are.

2/26: Long Run. This run was nothing short of pathetic.  I nearly killed myself trying to eek out 5 miles, and I think I barely scraped by with 14:00 miles.  It was weak, I ended up adding extra walks in, and it was pitiful.  I was so disappointed with myself when I got  back to the house, but in retrospect, I did still travel 5 miles, so that’s something.

3/1: Speed Run. This run was the exact opposite of pathetic.  I run just around 13:00 miles, I believe I started out a little faster than that and ended up a little slower than that to average out to 13:00.  If I can keep the “faster than” up for longer periods, I think I’ve got a good shot at doing really well at the half-marathon.  I managed 2.75 miles, though I can’t remember the overall time, though basic calculation puts it in the area of 35:30-36:00.  It was a great run, the weather was a little warmer than usual, making it so pleasant to head out.

3/2: EA Active. On Wednesday night, I did a full-body workout with EA Active.  Liam helped me with the opening stretches.  Nothing makes a workout more pleasant than having a little workout buddy with you.  I get such a kick out of having him do it with me.  Unfortunately, it was bedtime, so he squeezed in a few stretches, then Daddy took him to bed.  In the meantime, I enjoyed the 38 minute workout, and felt like I did a decent number on my arms.

3/3: Hill Run. I can’t begin to tell you how cold it was last night, but I forced myself out there and I managed 3.0 miles.  I ran the hill atop my neighborhood 4 times twice over, although two of those times I had to walk starting about halfway up.  Based on my Garmin, it looks like the hill is about a 20-25′ elevation difference, and about .10 miles.  I’m not sure what grade that gives it (I’m sure I could do some sort of math to figure that out, but I just don’t care enough), but its what I’m calling pretty steep, and I’m proud of myself for hitting it as many times as I do.  A couple more weeks, and I expect to be able to climb it 5 times per pass.  Right now, 4 times generally takes a little out of me, so I’ve got to muscle through a few more times before I’m comfortable increasing it again.

All in all, not a bad exercise week.  Just bad for trying to log said exercise!  This weekend is looking good as well; hoping to get in a decent run as the weather gets nicer!


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