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3/5 Workout: Long Run 6 March 2011

Filed under: Feel the Burn — lennonzgal @ 13:43

Last week, ad I was slogging through my mileage at a pathetic 14:00 or worse, I happened upon a neighbor who is my running idol. She is a mother of two, ran a good portion of a marathon at 7 or 8 months pregnant (if I recall, she gracefully bowed out around 15 miles), and she is stunning. Anyway, I was complaining to her that we live in such a hilly area, and she gave me some tips on running a lesser hilly part of our area.

I gave it a shot yesterday. In the spot where I normally turn around and head up a side street, I continued going straight. There, I found a lovely neighborhood that was plagued with mere bumps, as opposed to the nasty hills that we have. I felt like I not only was able to get a good (13:30/mile) run in, but I also felt like I was getting some hill training in without almost killing myself. The best part? I pounded out 6 miles again, and I found a couple of places where I can lengthen my run to maybe eek out 8 miles over time without having to leave my area entirely!

All in all, a great run. I can’t wait to try for 6.5 next week!!


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