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3/23 Workout: EA Active 24 March 2011

Filed under: Feel the Burn — lennonzgal @ 11:09

I totally did NOT want to work out yesterday.  When Liam went down for his nap, I came up with every excuse in the book not to do it.  I cleaned, I neatened, I organized … anything to avoid the inevitable.  Finally, the downstairs was neat as a pin, and I couldn’t straighten the upstairs for fear of waking Liam up, so I gave in and started my work0ut.  I wasn’t nearly as into it as I could have been, but at the same time, by the time I was through it, I felt better about it all.  About halfway through, Liam woke up and Will brought him down to “help” me do my exercises (this consists of Liam spending half of the video asking me what I’m doing, to which I reply, “Mommy is doing her exercises,” and he spends the other half saying things like, “Mommy, good job!” – how can you not love that?), and that definitely made the wrap-up easier. 

In all, I managed about a 45-minute workout, so not bad.  I’ll be happy to get another run in tonight though – as the weather gets nicer and nicer, I find it harder and harder to be cooped up inside!!


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