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4/20 Workout: Dirt. And Lots of It. 21 April 2011

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I was going to do EA Active yesterday, until I mentioned to Liam that we could play in the dirt in the afternoon.  The way his eyes lit up, I knew I wasn’t going to have the energy to do it once Liam was down for a nap.  Instead, we got out our wheelbarrows and started working on moving the giant pile of dirt in my driveway to the two raised garden beds we’ve got set up in the back yard.  Liam had a ball shoveling and moving the wheelbarrow around, he’d follow me back and forth, and actually got really good at it before he got bored.  He finally finished up by letting me do the shoveling, he’d move the wheelbarrow to the back yard, and then while I filled the beds, he’d play with his toys in the yard.  Worked for me.

After he went down for a nap, I continued filling the two 48″x48″x14″ beds – ended up totaling something like 16 cu. yds., according to the packages for the beds.  Let’s just say that it was a damn lot of dirt and I was exhausted after about 3 hours of working with it.  On the plus side, the two beds are filled, I have two more beds to put together and subsequently fill, and then I’ll be ready to start planting!  We’ve got lots of great seeds to try out this year, and I can’t wait to see how everything turns out!  On the upside, working towards getting the beds filled in and set up means I get a little extra exercise in too!


4/19 Workout: Speed Run

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WAY better speed run than last week, even though I still petered out a little bit earlier than I would have hoped.  I managed about 3 miles of full-on speed intervals, and another .65 miles of just plain old running.  I’d have continued the speed work had I not started to get dizzy.  Will and Liam both had a stomach bug that’s been going around, and I managed to skirt it – I’m thinking that’s due in part to the fact that I’m exercising regularly.  In any case, I started to feel somewhat crappy on Tuesday – that telltale sore throat, and cllogged nose, but thus far, nothing has come of it, except for said dizziness on Tuesday … probably because I couldn’t quite breathe normally. 

I still managed to eek out a 13:00/mile average for the 3.65 miles, and next time around I’m hoping to ACTUALLY get 4 miles in on this run.  Part of the problem is that my neighborhood is about 2 miles, maybe 2.5 miles when I cover it in its entirety.  Trying to eek out another 1.5 miles get boring really fast.  Now that its getting llight out, I may have to start furthering my speed work, though that means venturing out into Hill Land, which I do enough during my long runs and hill work, so we’ll see.  Maybe I’ll just be bored a little while longer 🙂


184.4 15 April 2011

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Not exactly thrilled, but expected.  Like I’ve been saying, there was a good week and a half of indulging in pretty much everything – there were several meals out, lots of cake and ice cream, and home-made hand-painted cookies to finish off.  Needless to say, we did a lot of eating over the last week or so. 

This week has been far more controlled and frankly I’m thrilled – after a while, I get tired of restaurants and desserts.  I can eat at a restaurant maybe twice a month before I start getting frustrated and wanting home-cooked food.  Weird, I know, but I am who I am.

I’m looking forward to a few more weeks of control.  I’m starting to get high mileage, so I’m thinking I need to change my eating regimen from here on in to maximize my run potential.  I’m sort of hoping that in finding some good run-worthy recipes, I also find some healthy meals that end up helping the overall goal of losing weight.  We’ll see what happens.


4/14 Workout: Hill Run

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I felt WAY better about my run last night than I have for the last several runs.  I managed to squeak out about a 13:30/mile, even with doing a full 2 miles up and down a hill, so that was decent.  Ran for a total of 4 miles, not quite half of my long run distance, but I’m not actually sure that I’d have the time or the energy to do half anymore.  I’m thinking that for this half-marathon (did I mention that I signed up for the ODDyssey??), I’m going to max out at 4-5 miles on an evening run, and then finish up my long runs as expected.  Perhaps for the next one (in September – the ING Philly Distance Run), I’ll be able to fit in a few more mid-week miles.  What I’m hoping is that I can run the ODDyssey, get a new base time, and then work through the summer to beat that time at the distance run.  We’ll see.

Anyway, back to last night – the run was nice.  I felt much more confident and a bit speedier than I have in the past two weeks – likely due to the fact that I started eating like a normal person again.  No more cake, cookies, ice cream, etc.  No more restaurant eating, etc.  At least not for a little while.  Hopefully, that’ll provide me with a few more good runs before the race!


I’m Running, I swear!! 12 April 2011

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As always, life seems to have gotten in the way of my sitting on my ass in front of the computer.  Mostly, I think its a good thing, but every once in a while I realize that I haven’t logged on here in ages, and then I feel like I have to play catch-up.

I’ve actually done swimmingly as far as long runs are concerned – 8.5 miles two weekends ago, and 9.5 miles this past one.  Both were a bit slow, but at that mileage, I’m just happy with the distance.  What I haven’t done great with is the weekly runs.  There’s been this perfect storm of Will working late and rainy evenings that have caused my weekly runs to all but disappear.  I’ve gotten in one good weeknight run per week for the past couple of weeks, and I honestly think that’s affecting my speed as well.

So, I got up at 4:15 this morning to change that – I intended to do 4 miles, but barely eeked out 3.25, and to be honest … it was 2.5 solid miles, then a 2 minute walk, followed by .75 miles of a sort-of-jog.  Still, I’ll take it.  I think that I can easily chalk that up to a few things – first, YOU try and run two days after nailing 9.5 miles – doesn’t happen as easily as you’d think.  My legs aren’t I-can’t-move-sore, but they’re definitely still healing.  Next, I’ve gotten very used to running in the evenings, after having eaten 3 meals plus snacks, and after having had a day to wake up and sort of limber up.  That’s a vast difference from waking up 30 minutes earlier than usual to trudge in the dark.  My eyes might have been open, but “awake” is not a word I’d have used to describe myself.  Perhaps “in a moving coma” is more appropriate.  Last, yesterday was the first day in a little over a week where I ate like a normal person.  Will’s birthday was two Saturdays ago, and Liam’s birthday was last week, followed by a party this past Saturday.  Needless to say, there’s been a lot of cake and celebrating in my house.  We ate at a restaurant at least 4 times over the past week and a half, which is about 3 months’ worth of restaurant eating in our lives.   I expect that my run on Thursday (should I manage to eek it in) will be a little better, as I plan to eat like a normal human being once again.

So, the runs are happening, just the logging isn’t.  I think life might calm down a hair now that the parties are over, but every time I say that I think life is calming down, I seem to find something else to make myself busy.  Instead, let’s just say I’ll pop back when I can … and hopefully that’ll be sooner than later!


183.4 1 April 2011

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Yeah, I knew that last week was at least somewhat of a fluke.  I certianly wouldn’t have been shocked to have gained a half or a whole pound, but two pounds was out of the question.  Thankfully, this week proved to put me back in line and back below the pre-Christmas level.  I think I could have gone lower, had I managed a real speedwork run on Tuesday, or managed any sort of run last night – thanks to the rain, I was stuck indoors doing EA Active two days in a row.  Not to say I don’t burn calories with it, but we all know I’m likely burning more hitting the pavement than I am fiddling with resistance bands and a balance board. 

So, we move on to the weekend and into next week.  This weekend is Will’s birthday, and next week is Liam’s.  I see a lot of cake and special meals in my future.  Let’s hope I can keep it under control!!


3/29 Workout: Easy Run

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I have a shoe problem.  Now, before my fellow women nod their heads as if to say, “You’re preaching to the choir, sister,” I think I need to quantify said problem.  In my closet are somewhere in the range of 100 pairs of shoes.  Flip-flops in every color imaginable, Chucks as far as the eye can see, Uggs, ballet flats, you name it, they’re in there.  Tuesday, I was looking rather cute in a new pair of navy pinstripe pants with a white t-shirt and a bright blue sweater, but I needed the perfect shoe to go with it.  I surprisingly don’t have too many camel-colored shoes, and I didn’t like the look of the dark brown ones with the outfit.  So, I opened a box of Steve Madden heels that I’ve had for a few years and love – they aren’t exactly camel; I honestly couldn’t tell you what color they are, but they’re gorgeous.  Unfortunately, they also are incredibly uncomfortable.

On Tuesday morning, I threw the shoes on, walked around in the bedroom wearing them for a minute or two, and decided they were good.  Went to work where I ran back and forth to the bathroom a million times (thank you so much, 100 ounces of water), and by midday, I realized exactly why it had been so long since I last wore them.  And then I remembered: about once, maybe twice a year, I put these shoes on.  They’re perfectly fine as a “walk from car to restaurant and then from restaurant to car” sort of shoe, and they’re fine for maybe half a workday, but by the end of the workday, they’re ridiculously uncomfortable and my feet end up throbbing for the remainder of the day.  At that point, I go home, take the shoes off, put them in their box, and forget about them for 6 months to a year, and the cycle repeats.

Perhaps I should put a warning note in the box: “WEAR THESE ONLY WHEN SPENDING THE DAY ON YOUR ASS!!”  More than likely, they’ll go in their box and stay there for another 6 months.  In the meantime, my feet were KILLING me.  I had a blister the size of which I’d never seen before, and even barefoot, walking felt like I was constantly standing on two giant pebbles.  I still attempted my run, but speed work was not in the cards.  I made it a pitiful two miles before hobbling back in the door, feeling rather beaten.  I took a warm bath in hopes of soothing my achy paws, but to no avail.  It wasn’t until it occurred to me the following morning that a large dose of Advil might help before the pain went away.

So, I don’t do easy runs very often.  I keep pretty consistent with rotating hill work and speed work.  To me, tossing in a short easy run probably wasn’t the worst thing that could have happened – maybe the sore feet were sign that I should just take it easy with the training, and so I did.  And in the end, I’m still glad I got my butt out there.