A Little Less Of Me

My quest to become thinner and healthier

184.4 15 April 2011

Filed under: Daily Weight Log — lennonzgal @ 10:30

Not exactly thrilled, but expected.  Like I’ve been saying, there was a good week and a half of indulging in pretty much everything – there were several meals out, lots of cake and ice cream, and home-made hand-painted cookies to finish off.  Needless to say, we did a lot of eating over the last week or so. 

This week has been far more controlled and frankly I’m thrilled – after a while, I get tired of restaurants and desserts.  I can eat at a restaurant maybe twice a month before I start getting frustrated and wanting home-cooked food.  Weird, I know, but I am who I am.

I’m looking forward to a few more weeks of control.  I’m starting to get high mileage, so I’m thinking I need to change my eating regimen from here on in to maximize my run potential.  I’m sort of hoping that in finding some good run-worthy recipes, I also find some healthy meals that end up helping the overall goal of losing weight.  We’ll see what happens.


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