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4/14 Workout: Hill Run 15 April 2011

Filed under: Feel the Burn — lennonzgal @ 10:27

I felt WAY better about my run last night than I have for the last several runs.  I managed to squeak out about a 13:30/mile, even with doing a full 2 miles up and down a hill, so that was decent.  Ran for a total of 4 miles, not quite half of my long run distance, but I’m not actually sure that I’d have the time or the energy to do half anymore.  I’m thinking that for this half-marathon (did I mention that I signed up for the ODDyssey??), I’m going to max out at 4-5 miles on an evening run, and then finish up my long runs as expected.  Perhaps for the next one (in September – the ING Philly Distance Run), I’ll be able to fit in a few more mid-week miles.  What I’m hoping is that I can run the ODDyssey, get a new base time, and then work through the summer to beat that time at the distance run.  We’ll see.

Anyway, back to last night – the run was nice.  I felt much more confident and a bit speedier than I have in the past two weeks – likely due to the fact that I started eating like a normal person again.  No more cake, cookies, ice cream, etc.  No more restaurant eating, etc.  At least not for a little while.  Hopefully, that’ll provide me with a few more good runs before the race!


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