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The Storm Before the Calm 20 May 2011

Filed under: Musings — lennonzgal @ 11:04

I’m not even going to mention my weight this week – after a weekend down the shore and a week of no running (a combination of trying to taper and trying to get over whatever the hell this cough is), let’s just say its higher than I’d like and I’m very much not pleased with it.

In the meantime, I’m in a slight state of panic about this weekend’s half-marathon.  Its on Sunday, and at times I feel like I can do it with no problem, but other times I’m panicking and trying to talk myself out of it.  This afternoon, I go to pick up my number and race packet – at that point, I’ll have no choice but to run, and then I’ll be calmer about it, I’m sure. Generally, there comes a point when the excitement of the race overpowers the panic of possibly not finishing. 

I haven’t run in a couple of weekends – I did 11 miles the weekend before Mother’s Day, and then a measley 4 miles the weekend after because this cough started, and caused a lot of dizziness during my run.  I didn’t run at all last weekend thanks to intermittent downpours that seemed to show up every time I even considered donning my running kicks.  Now that said, I managed those 11 miles fairly well even after not having run at all for the two weeks prior to it, so I know I can do the 13.1, its just that I’d like to come in a little faster than my pre-Liam race times (which generally averaged a pathetic 15:00/mile), and I would L-O-V-E to come in even a little faster than my current runs (which are an only-slightly-less-pathetic 13:00-13:30/mile).  The general rule of thumb is that your long run pace should be 1:00-2:00/mile slower than your race pace.  I also know that race adrenaline and a desire to keep up with the pack tend to increase my speed slightly during a half, so I’m hoping to maybe hit that 13:00/mile mark, but we’ll see.  Having not hit the 12 miles that I wanted to, I’m a little nervous.

Worse-to-worst, I’ll walk it in and at least get the finisher’s medal.  Also, the free beer.  Did I mention there’s free beer at this race?  Definitely a needed bonus at the end of such a long run.  And once this race is over, I’ve already written out my planned running schedule from June until the half-marathon in September, which is a long enough time span that I’ll hopefully manage to kick up my speed ever-so-slightly more, and maybe finish in September closer to 12:00/mile.  That would be awesome.


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