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6/29 Workout: Speed Run 30 June 2011

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I don’t know if it was the lovely breeze, the vitamin I took yesterday morning in hopes of being able to give blood today, the new shoes, or the fact that I’ve been getting ether and better each week, but last night’s run R-O-C-K-E-D.

I went out with the intention of doing 4 miles, with only part of that being the actual speed workout, and ended up managing to turn it into a 4-mile speed run, averaging about 13:00 miles. I did 3.99 miles in 52:00. In all honesty, my neighbors were cheering me on as I plowed down my street and I caught a case of the giggles, so I slowed down and cut it off. So I’m counting it as a full 4 at 52:00 because I was at 3.99 for a good few seconds and likely would have hit 4 by 52:05 at the very latest. Not a bad run at all. And it was definitely nice to have a cheering section on a training run!!

I’m hoping that the momentum keeps up – I have a 7 miler this weekend, so I’m hoping to get it in before the heat hits to see if I can manage a good long run time too.


6/25 Workout: Long Run 25 June 2011

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Managed a semi-decent 8 miles today.  I dare say that the first 6 were splendid (I’ve been watching too much Thomas the Tank Engine), managing around 13:55/mile, but the last two (which I’d like to note were in full sun around 11am) were pretty sucky.  I can still live with that – I finished the run at 1:55:03 … not exactly Speedy Gonzales, but that is about a 14:37/mile time (see? those last two miles were REALLY sucky), which is close enough to my time in the ODDyssey that I feel like I have something to improve upon.

I actually worked with far fewer walks this morning – I had two unauthorized walks in the first 6 miles, both on hills that I hadn’t run since before the ODDyssey – I probably last ran them back in April.  I didn’t feel so bad walking them.  The last two miles, however, had quite a number of walks in them, which slowed me down significantly.

Next week is just 7 miles – I’m hoping that I can get a solid run in on those miles and maybe eek out a better overall time.  As each week passes, if I can increase my speed just a bit, I think I’ll be able to knock out that half marathon with no problem in September!


Workout Catch-Up 23 June 2011

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As always, life gets busy and I think to myself, “Oh crap.  I never wrote about Monday’s workout let alone TODAY’S workout!”  So, here I am … ready to put it all out there for my devoted readers!

Monday, 6/20 Workout: Run: We just had too much to do over the weekend, and I didn’t get my long run in.  It was only supposed to be 6 miles, so I wasn’t too concerned with it, but I did want to get some sort of mileage in, so I managed to eek out 4.5 miles on Monday evening instead.  My feet hurt from the heels I was wearing, and my legs were sore from trying to stand in said heels for over 2 hours thanks to a long meeting, but I managed the 4.5 and was happy with it. 

Tuesday, 6/21 Workout: EA Active: With Will back in school right now, I have to throw in workouts where I can get them, so on Tuesday night, I did a little EA Active after Liam went to bed.  I’ve been doing the “easy” workouts because they’re only 30 minutes, and that’s about all I have the energy for at that point, but they’re at least burning some level of calories, so I feel good.  And I’m trying to make those quality minutes, so even though I’m doing an easier workout, I’m trying hard to focus and really get the most out of the workout that I can.  We’ll see if that ends up working for me in the end.

Wednesday, 6/22 Workout: Speed Run: Last night, I hit the pavement again, this time in my brand-spanking-new Saucony’s … its been about 6 months since I grabbed my last pair, so I ordered new ones a little over  a week ago.  They were fabulous, and the best part was that they come in pink this year!  If they work out after a few more runs, I’m thinking I’ll order a few more pairs to make sure I have pink sneaks for a good couple of seasons.  The run itself was nice; I’m getting better at running in the heat, though I think I need a sweatband of some sort – by the time I was finished, my eyes were burning from the sweat.  I’ll have to go and find a cute one somewhere!


5/14 Workout: Speed Run 15 June 2011

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Still … every day, a little better.  Yesterday had a few unauthorized walks thrown in, but not nearly as many as my speed run last week, and even with those walks, I managed an average of 13:15/mile for 3.5 miles, so not bad at all.  I definitely think that this lovely weather is helping immensely – there’s just something about a cool evening in late spring / early summer that makes you want to get out there and give it your all.

I actually really lucked out – it rained for maybe 15 minutes during dinner but stopped long enough to make me want to run.  I ran up, got changed, did my 3.5, got home, showered, and by the time I hopped out of the shower, it was POURING.  I’m so glad I didn’t decide to push it to 4 or 4.5 or I might have been stuck in that!  Not that I mind running in the rain in this nice weather, but I’m certainly going to come out and say I much prefer being dry!

So, a good run.  I’m hoping to get another one in later this week!


6/11 Workout: Long Run 11 June 2011

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With each week, I seem to be getting my legs back.  I think it also helped that I did some mid-week work as well.  I only managed one mid-week run, but I also did a little EA Active with some legwork that I think benefitted me.  Either way, this week’s run contained far fewer off-schedule walks, and I felt much better than I did last week, despite the nasty humidity this week.  It was cooler, for sure, but there was a thunderstorm about an hour before I started my run that left the air thick and moist.

Still, I managed to eek out 6.5 miles rain-free, and then I ran the last half-mile in the rain because walking home just seemed like I’d get wetter.  So, a 7 mile run isn’t too shabby.  Managed it in a 1:37:57, which is just a hair (and I do mean a hair) under 14:00/mile, so I’m improving and getting back to what I’d call my baseline speed of about 13:30/mile-13:45/mile.

I also really wanted to get out on this run this morning, lots of stress at work this week and having a little stress at home too (there’s just so much to do!) meant that I needed to pound the pavement for a while to work all of those feelings off.  Now I feel like I can manage to get the house back in order, and I might even not scream at anybody at work come Monday.  I call that progress, don’t you?


6/8 Workout: EA Active 9 June 2011

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Ok, so its been MONTHS since I pulled out the Wii for a little cross-training.  I’m feeling very tubby and out-of-shape right now, so I decided I’d give it a go on easy mode.  Definitely glad I did that – it was a 30 minute workout, and a good one.  I tried to be sure to tense the resistance band a little more than usual to get a good workout out of it – I think I did a good job of it.  EA calculated something around 230 calories, so not bad for a quick 30 minutes on a video game system!


6/7 Workout: Speed Run

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Sometimes, I make myself wonder.  Driving home, the thermometer was reading somewhere between 92 and 95 degrees.  After dinner, and probably against my better judgement, I headed out for a run.  Thankfully, it was a dry heat with some semblance of a breeze.  I can definitely feel my runs getting stronger – its amazing how a mere 13.1 miles can tear up your legs.  I figure another week or so and I’ll be back to more solid runs.  I’m sure the heat isn’t helping; running in 50 degree weather is significantly different than running in 90 degree weather, and the fact that we don’t really have a smooth transition between the two anymore definitely hinders my efforts.  That said, I’m determined to continue trying to get through the summer with these runs and be ready and strong for September!