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6/11 Workout: Long Run 11 June 2011

Filed under: Feel the Burn — lennonzgal @ 15:01

With each week, I seem to be getting my legs back.  I think it also helped that I did some mid-week work as well.  I only managed one mid-week run, but I also did a little EA Active with some legwork that I think benefitted me.  Either way, this week’s run contained far fewer off-schedule walks, and I felt much better than I did last week, despite the nasty humidity this week.  It was cooler, for sure, but there was a thunderstorm about an hour before I started my run that left the air thick and moist.

Still, I managed to eek out 6.5 miles rain-free, and then I ran the last half-mile in the rain because walking home just seemed like I’d get wetter.  So, a 7 mile run isn’t too shabby.  Managed it in a 1:37:57, which is just a hair (and I do mean a hair) under 14:00/mile, so I’m improving and getting back to what I’d call my baseline speed of about 13:30/mile-13:45/mile.

I also really wanted to get out on this run this morning, lots of stress at work this week and having a little stress at home too (there’s just so much to do!) meant that I needed to pound the pavement for a while to work all of those feelings off.  Now I feel like I can manage to get the house back in order, and I might even not scream at anybody at work come Monday.  I call that progress, don’t you?


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