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Workout Catch-Up 23 June 2011

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As always, life gets busy and I think to myself, “Oh crap.  I never wrote about Monday’s workout let alone TODAY’S workout!”  So, here I am … ready to put it all out there for my devoted readers!

Monday, 6/20 Workout: Run: We just had too much to do over the weekend, and I didn’t get my long run in.  It was only supposed to be 6 miles, so I wasn’t too concerned with it, but I did want to get some sort of mileage in, so I managed to eek out 4.5 miles on Monday evening instead.  My feet hurt from the heels I was wearing, and my legs were sore from trying to stand in said heels for over 2 hours thanks to a long meeting, but I managed the 4.5 and was happy with it. 

Tuesday, 6/21 Workout: EA Active: With Will back in school right now, I have to throw in workouts where I can get them, so on Tuesday night, I did a little EA Active after Liam went to bed.  I’ve been doing the “easy” workouts because they’re only 30 minutes, and that’s about all I have the energy for at that point, but they’re at least burning some level of calories, so I feel good.  And I’m trying to make those quality minutes, so even though I’m doing an easier workout, I’m trying hard to focus and really get the most out of the workout that I can.  We’ll see if that ends up working for me in the end.

Wednesday, 6/22 Workout: Speed Run: Last night, I hit the pavement again, this time in my brand-spanking-new Saucony’s … its been about 6 months since I grabbed my last pair, so I ordered new ones a little over  a week ago.  They were fabulous, and the best part was that they come in pink this year!  If they work out after a few more runs, I’m thinking I’ll order a few more pairs to make sure I have pink sneaks for a good couple of seasons.  The run itself was nice; I’m getting better at running in the heat, though I think I need a sweatband of some sort – by the time I was finished, my eyes were burning from the sweat.  I’ll have to go and find a cute one somewhere!


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