A Little Less Of Me

My quest to become thinner and healthier

187.8 8 July 2011

Filed under: Daily Weight Log — lennonzgal @ 11:12

I said I wasn’t going to blog my weight until I became more comfortable with it, but that seems to be taking a while.  Honestly, this is the first week that I’ve at least been relatively happy with progress, so I thought I might as well start back up blogging and see where I go with it. 

We went on vacation the weekend after mother’s day, and I gained a couple of pounds that weekend – after that, I’ve had a hell of a time trying to bring the weight down, and it seems to have continued on its way up and up and up.  In part, I know it was the couple of non-run weeks I had surrounding the bronchitis and the race itself – you can’t lose if you don’t exercise – and that’s where I ended up.  I’m not pleased with it by any stretch of the imagination, but I’ve got to come to terms with it and keep that number moving down, so here I am.  Coming to terms. 

Hopefully next week will have me coming to terms with an even smaller number.  Wouldn’t that be nice?


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