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7/9 Workout: Long Run 9 July 2011

Filed under: Feel the Burn — lennonzgal @ 18:11

Liam got us up at 6am today, and we were downstairs by 6:45, so I headed out for a nice early (7:30) run, expecting it to be cool. Ha! Actually, the shade was lovely and rather refreshing, but the non-shade bits (of which there are significantly more) were just torture!! I managed about 4.5 really good miles at 13:45/mile, and the next probably 2-3 miles were decent, coming to about 13:55/mile, but the last couple were pretty bad, with me ending up around 14:15/mile. Still not awful, but I get frustrated when I start out so well and peter out at the end. Still faster than my last race, so I think I’m happy with it.

I also realized something today: I may be about 10 pounds heavier than my lowest post-Liam weight, but I’m still in the same clothes because I’m leaner. Running this many miles certainly has it’s benefits, even if the weight doesn’t exactly pour off. So deluge my frustration in being heavier, I’m at least managing my size. Not too bad.


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