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8/12 Workout: Speed Work 12 August 2011

Filed under: Feel the Burn — lennonzgal @ 10:36

Last night was nothing short of the PERFECT evening weather for a run!  There was a slightly cool breeze, the sun was going down and not pounding on my skin, and there were finally tons of kids back outside playing (everyone’s been hiding inside since the heat started).  I dare say I was almost pleased to get out there.

I wasn’t feeling it though – my legs were slogging; they felt heavy and hard to lift.  Really don’t know why, except that this happened during training for the last half too, and I wonder if my legs are just still not 100% healed from last week’s long run.  I did manage 4 miles though, most of which was done with some interval work thrown in, for an average of around 13:30/mile. 

This weekend sounds like its going to be nice and cool as well – I almost can’t wait for my long run!  I’m hoping to get in the 12 miler that I have planned; its going to depend on the weather, as there looks to be a storm or two coming.  I’m hoping they hold off until the afternoon on Sunday.


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