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9/29 Workout: Couch to 5K Week 1, Run 2 30 September 2011

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Another barefoot run with a 1:00 run and 1:30 walk interval.  Once again, felt excellent.  During the run portions, I was averaging between 9:30-10:00/mile, which is awesome.  If I can keep that up, I’ll be tickled pink.  Hell, if I can keep it around 12:00/mile, I’d be thrilled to pieces.

Running barefoot (or at least, with the Vibram FiveFingers on my feet) is awesome.  I love the attention they get (my neighbors are still even noticing them and asking about them), and I love the way they make me run.  I’m totally upright, and I can feel that while my gait has shortened, my feet are moving much faster. 

I’ll say this – my calves were hella-sore yesterday from Tuesday’s run, and they’re pretty sore today, but its not an “oh, I shouldn’t have done that” sort, its more of a “cool – I had a good workout'” sore.  I have noticed that my right calf is sort of tightening as I run, so I’m paying close attention to that, though I don’t think it was the shoes … that started around mile 9 of the half two weeks ago, and I was wearing regular old sneakers for that.  I may hit the internet to see what the pain might be, but I’m a big baby, and if I see something like “could be cancer,” I’ll be pretty convinced that I’m dying.  Maybe I’ll just see if I can work it out on my own.

In the meantime, I’m really pleased with this first week of running barefoot.  I think that I can see myself running this way pretty permanently.  Its nice to be already excited for the next run – I felt like I had lost that during the last few weeks of my training recently.  I’m glad to have that feeling back – I like running just because I love to run.  I’m hoping to keep that up a little longer, and see if I can’t slowly get back up to maybe 6 miles on the weekends and keep it there for a little while.  I think that’s where I’ll be the most comfortable.


2 Responses to “9/29 Workout: Couch to 5K Week 1, Run 2”

  1. lorenzoch Says:

    Hey! Glad to see that the couch to 5k program is working out for you. I still haven’t had much of a chance to test out the FiveFingers, but I definitely want to get around to it. I was thinking about doing the Couch to 5k to train for a half marathon I hope to compete in come December.

    Oh and don’t worry, the calf pain goes away. It’s because you’re working muscles that wearing overly-supported shoes compensated for, so you never really used them. The more you run barefoot, the more those muscles will strengthen, giving you better balance and agility.

    Best of luck with the program! Keep at it!

  2. lennonzgal Says:

    I can’t tell you how highly I recommend the C25K program. As silly as it sounds, its worth every minute – as long as you can commit the time to it. But, if you’re planning to run a half in December, you kind of have to commit the time anyway! Its a great way to break into running and get a good groove going to last through that half.

    If you can test the FiveFingers running, I totally would – but do yourself a favor and pick one shoe to run in. I wouldn’t switch off between them and a pair of regular sneakers, because I can just see that ending badly 🙂

    Good luck on your half – please stop back and let me know how it went, and even how training is going. Its always nice to have a fellow runner pop in and let me know how its going!

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