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10/29 Workout: Skeleton Skurry 5k 30 October 2011

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I have officially figured out the best way to improve one’s speed during a 5K – begin running in the (cold) rain, and have it start snowing around halfway through!

Yesterday morning was the Hatboro Skeleton Skurry, a cute 5K through the streets of Hatboro, starting and ending at Pennypack Elementary School.  Its a pretty hilly run, I didn’t realize that we’d be spending the majority of the run climbing and falling, but it was a good, challenging run – especially when you account for the weather.  You see, I was looking for another 5K to join when a friend at work mentioned that she and her husband were running the Skurry.  I signed up, looking forward to having friends to run with, and continued along my merry way of training via the C25K plan.

As it got closer to the race, we started hearing about the weird Nor’Easter that was headed our way – 35 degree temps and … what’s that??? SNOW?!?!  You betcha!  A predicted 4-6″ out-of-season inches were headed our way.  To say that I hate snow is the understatement of the year.  I can’t see one good thing about the white, wet, cold stuff.  So you can imagine that having it show up in October was exactly the opposite of motivating.  I woke up yesterday morning to a slightly wet outside, but no snow.  I changed into my running clothes, got Will and Liam ready (we were spending the day at my parents’, who live close to Hatboro), and we headed out.  It was cold, it was windy, and it was wet, wet, wet.  As we were driving into Hatboro, my friend text messaged me with “How brave are you today?” I said that we were driving through the town, trying to decide if I was prepared to run in the weather – she said she was in the gym of the school, and she was running, and I was NOT going to be outdone.  I sent Will and Liam to a local bakery for breakfast, and I headed to the starting line.

I should note here that my friends Emily and Gaby are two of the most athletic people I’ve ever met.  They’re both stunningly in shape and I’m frequently amazed at their endurance.  In fact, they just completed a full marathon two weeks prior (Emily with a stress fracture), and here they were – signing up for the 5K.  I got in and was surprised to see that while Emily was dressed and ready to go, Gaby admitted that he was wimping out on this one – can’t say that I blame him.  We made fun of him, and then dragged ourselves out of the toasty warm gym for the race.

It was raining, and I was wearing my FiveFingers, which have little-to-no sole.  I was absorbing so much cold water that I wasn’t sure how I was going to get my numb little toes to move at all, let alone at a quick pace!  The starting gun shot, and off we went!  It took a good 10 minutes for me to really feel my feet, and by 11:41, I was at the 1 mile marker!  I couldn’t believe it – I knew that I had shot off a little quickly, but I was maintaining the speed somewhat well, and I wasn’t in pain.  About a mile and a half in, the rain changed completely to snow – wet, heavy snow.  I swear we all noticed at the same time, and you heard about 100 people in my vicinity exclaim in unison, “Oh HELL NO!”

I think everyone picked up the pace just a little bit and moved toward the finish line as quickly as they could – I ended up crossing at 37:30-ish according to the clock.  My chip time will be a little better than that, as it took us a little while to get across the starting line.  If you recall, the Going the Distance for Gabby race I finished at about a 13:22/mile pace.  Based on my time from yesterday, I was looking at a less than 13:00/mile pace.  I don’t think that in all of the races I’ve run that I’ve ever finished a race with that pace!

In all, I had a blast.  Its always fun to see the costumes pass by, and it was really nice to be able to run with people.  Its great that Will and Liam often wait for me at the finish, but there’s just something fun about seeing your friends who finished before you cheering you on, and then doubling back afterwards to cheer on those that finish behind you – the camaraderie of runners.

Turns out that all four of us that ran ended up with a personal record – apparently, the best way to motivate yourself to finish quickly is to be freezing your ass off in the process!!  Hypothermia is quite the motivator!  Would I do it again?  Most definitely.  That was probably the most fun I’ve had at a race in a long time – its fun being crazy as a loon.  Its even more fun when you’re in good looney company!


Weekly Weigh-In: -0.6 28 October 2011

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Another half-pound or so lost, which isn’t bad considering I wasn’t sure I’d see anything other than a gain this week because I didn’t get out on a run last night.  It may be slow-going, but I’m happy to see a loss, and I’m trying to make one small change each week that might lead to bigger losses down the line.  I’ve tried making all of my changes at once, and that doesn’t go well, so I’m doing it this time at my own pace to see where it leads.

In the meantime, tonight begins our “Milk That Costume for All Its Worth” weekend.  We have at least 3 trick-or-treating events for Liam, which means that there is going to be a TON of candy in the house.  It’ll be my job to stay the hell away from it.

Tomorrow, I’m in the Hatboro Skeleton Skurry for a little bit of a fun run – I’ll be doing W4R2 tomorrow morning, so I’ll catch up.  Worst to worst, I’m a little “off” on how my weekly runs go, but big deal – I’m not outside for any longer than maybe 35 minutes during one of these runs, so its not like I’ll be missing for hours during the week.  Thought it would be a fun way to kick off Halloween and get a little exercise in at the same time.

Hopefully next week will see two good weeknight runs, followed by a bigger loss because of it.  One can hope 🙂


10/25 Workout: C25K W4R1 27 October 2011

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Finally, week 4!  I left the house on Tuesday night a little apprehensive about how my run was going to go – its been a good while since I ran 5 minutes solid; this last half marathon had me doing repetitions of running 3 minutes and walking 1.  I hadn’t run 5 solid minutes since the half marathon in May.  Even that, its been absolute ages since I ran consecutively for anything longer than 5 minutes, so next week should be an even bigger challenge.

That said, I got out there and it was certainly tough.  I’m not 100% sure that I won’t be repeating week 4 at this point, though it was really just my first run, so theres a chance that I’ll be used to it by the end of the week, that remains to be seen.  I did manage to get through the 4 runs (3:00 run, 1:30 walk, 5:00 run, 2:30 walk – twice) and get myself home without so much as a limp, so I’ll take it.


10/22 Workout: C25K W3R3 23 October 2011

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Finally! Week 3 DONE!

I have to say I’m glad to be done with week 3 – as much as I was not confident that I was ready to move on to week 4, I was getting a little done with the repetitions for week 3. Week 4 still seems a little daunting to me (two sets of a 3:00 run, 1:30 walk, 5:00 run, 2:30 walk), but I’m sure I can do it. Hell, I KNOW I can do it – its more whether I can do it at the 9:30-10:30/mile pace I’ve been running for the past 4 weeks. If I can’t maintain that pace, I think I’ll end up repeating week 4 also, just to get some idea of what my true pace will look like.

All in all though, not a bad run tonight – I was in a better mood after having been surrounded by good friends tonight, albeit a little full of dessert (we were at a birthday party). That good mood turned into a willingness to run (and a desire to work off some of said dessert), and I managed to plow through unscathed.

I’m looking forward to starting week 4. I think it’ll be a good challenge. I’ve got another 5k at the end of the week, so that’ll be a good gauge of how I’m doing – I’d be thrilled to come in a little bit faster than I finished last weekend’s race.


Weekly Weigh In: -0.6 21 October 2011

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I’m honestly still not comfortable with posting my weight.  I know that I posted it for like  two years on this site, but thanks to a half-marathon (my pants still fit, so I have to assume that its at least partially muscle), I’m much higher than I’d like to discuss.

A couple of weeks ago, Will started his own blog.  Like mine, its mostly about dealing with his weight issues, but his will likely be more random musings than mine is.  I’ve got another blog for that which I never use.   Anyway, in his blog, he started just posting his gain/loss for the week.  He’s not posting his weight at all, just the progress on a weekly basis.  It seemed effective to me: there’s still some sort of public posting of “hey I gained” or “woo! I lost!” and that’s really what I’m going for.  Its the public part – having to report to you guys that I gained is a bummer, but thats what should be motivating me to lose. 

So, I’m going to copy my hubby and give it a try.  This week, I did decently.  Not an all-time amazing loss, but a loss nonetheless, and something to motivate me to go for it again next week.  My goal this weekend is to just make it through – my hardest eating days are the ones where I’m at home.  There are too many choices for me, many of which are “just for Liam” but which somehow make it into my stomach (I swear the Goldfish jumped right from the bag and into my mouth).  So, I’m going to try and take control this weekend and see where I get – a successful weekend is usually also a little extra motivation for the week, and thats something I could really use.


10/20 Workout: C25K W3R2

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I’m definitely glad that I decided to just give in and re-run Week 3.  I don’t know that I had it in me yesterday to run Week 4 – there’s not a major difference, but enough that I didn’t think I would have made it.  I’ve been pretty bummed out lately – after the Going the Distance for Gabby race that I did this past weekend, I found out on Wednesday about the death of a 7 month old little boy belonging to very very dear friends of ours.  Its been one of those weeks that you just wish you could pretend never happened.  Needless to say, I wasn’t really in a running mood last night.

That said, I decided to try and old routine that I had – we’re not uber-religious, so we don’t attend church very often.  I’d say we go for the major holidays, and then every once in a while when I get a bug in my butt to go.  Aside from that, we don’t.  We’re just starting to really teach Liam about God and Jesus and all of that, so we’ll likely go more as he gets older, but right now we go when its convenient.  Anyway, I used to use my running time as prayer time – get everything off of my chest as I ran.  Most of the time, people aren’t outside in the dark when I’m running, so if I accidentally start talking out loud, no one will be inclined to think I’m crazier than they already do.  Its a win-win, really.  That helped at least a little bit – I was able to really think about what’s been bugging me lately, and sort of get it all out there in the open.  It is what it is, but it was nice to be able to feel like I was discussing it with the Big Guy.  Its something I might try and start up again – while I find church to be stressful and often angering, I find prayer to be calming and serene.  Add to that the fact that I’m pounding off stress by slamming into the pavement, and you’d expect to see me almost floating home surrounded by a peaceful calm.  I’ll take it!


10/18 Workout: C25K W3R1 (again) 20 October 2011

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I upgraded my iPhone’s OS to iOS5 this week, and that apparently erased the data on a few of my apps – the C25K app was one of them.  At first, I was annoyed because I lost the data for weeks one and two, but honestly – its not like it was tracking calories and such.  It really just checked a box that said that I completed the run.  In any event, I was really irritated on Tuesday night when I went out for my run, but decided to just do W3R1 over again and then skip to week 4.

As it happens, I was not in the mood for running on Tuesday night, and sort of slogged my way around the neighborhood.  In fact, I decided about 3/4 of the way through that this run was not a good indicator as to whether I was ready for the next week, so I’m taking the data erasure as a sign and I’m just redoing all of week 3.  It’ll give me basically two more runs to get confident that I can move on to the next week.

Its not like I can’t do 3 miles – its more that I don’t know that I can do 3 miles at 9:30/mile, which is about what I’ve been hitting during the run portions.  Next week’s runs are quite a bit longer, and I want to make damn sure that I’m comfortable doing them before I move on. 

So, week 3, I’ll be dancing with you just a little longer than expected … hope to wave goodbye to you this weekend though!