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10/4 Workout: C25K W2R1 6 October 2011

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Tuesday began week 2 of C25K, and I will say this: ow.  Honestly, the runs aren’t THAT much longer – I went from 1 minute runs with a 1:30 walk to 1:30 runs with a 2 minute walk.  Not exactly anything earth shattering, but remember that I’m trying to start running barefoot (or at least with my good not-so-old Vibram FiveFingers), and I’m trying to get my 5k speed up somewhat significantly.  So, going from running in big cushy shoes at 13:00/mile to running in thin almost sole-less shoes (but certainly not soulless) at around 9:30-10:00/mile is a little bit of a challenge for this chunky monkey.  Instead of last week’s 8 overall runs, this one is 6 overall runs – resulting in running just 1 minute longer per day than last week.  Not bad.  By the last run or  two though, I was somewhat beat.  I think I could have gone another one or two after that, but certainly at a reduced speed.  My calf started hurting maybe halfway through, but again – less so than in previous runs, and it didn’t last but maybe a couple of hours after the run (as opposed to the days that it hurt after the first one last week).

Tonight is Run #2.  My hope is that there will be even less calf pain and less struggle to keep up the speed I’ve got going.  If I can balance out at a 10:00 mile, I’d be a happy little puppy.  Hell, if I can’t hold that and end up at 11:00 or 12:00, I’d still be thrilled.  But – one thing at a time.  Let’s get this program done and see where I land.


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