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The Great Closet Purge, Fall 2011 Edition 7 October 2011

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To me, there are very few things that are good about fall – I’m an August kid.  I want sun, I want heat, and I want sand.  Fall and winter depress me.  So, what’s good about it then?  1 – the cooler temps are nicer for running and 2 – NEW WARDROBE!!

Well, at least … somewhat new wardrobe.  Let me begin at the beginning: I’ve been ridiculously stressed over the past couple of weeks.  Just a lot of things all at once, really – work has been crazy (we’re spending a lot of time getting screamed at recently, and its starting to get old), Liam has been testing our patience (apparently, those parents who are lucky enough to come out of the Terrible Twos unscathed really REALLY pay for it when the kid is 3), and there’s oh-so-much to do at the house (deck needs to be stained, garage needs to be put back together, curtains need to be made and hung, rooms need to be re-organized, etc).  I’ve just been rather frazzled.  Poor Will had been asking me day after day, “Are you ok?  What’s wrong?  You seem upset.”  Problem was, I don’t like stressing out in front of Liam, so I’d just say, “I’m fine,” and leave it at that.  By the time Liam was in bed and I could talk about it, I was too tired to.  At some point, I finally started listing all of my issues, and my saint-of-a-husband said, “You’re stressed.  Why don’t you just go shopping this weekend?  I’ll keep Liam.”  God bless that man.

So, last Friday I left work a little early and  headed to the outlets.  Three and a half hours, 4 skirts, several tops, 3 pairs of shoes, 3 pairs of jeans, 3 pairs of sunglasses, and a ton of fall-weight 3T stuff for Liam later, the retail therapy had worked its magic.  Will and Liam met me for dinner and just having had a day where I didn’t go from getting screamed at in work to getting whined to at home made all the difference.  Spending money like a drunken sailor didn’t hurt, either.

I took my wondrous new purchases home and started to stress once again – my closet looked like hell.  I had started to pull out a few pairs of fall shoes (as soon as it got cold, the Uggs were coming out), and my spring/summer shoes were strewn about the floor.  So, I plopped my bags down on the ground in my room and decided to spend each day going through a bit of the closet.  First up?  Shoes.  To make room for the 3 new pair (a fabulous pair of Steve Madden booties, and a couple pairs of sequined Chucks), I purged 8 pair last weekend – not bad for me.  Will is a little concerned that that means that another 10 pair will be showing up at the house shortly … he’s probably not wrong.

I used the label-maker to re-label all of the boxes that I had in my closet to organize my summer shoes as well as my nicer shoes, and it looked great.  I could see the floor again, which I couldn’t do for a good while.  Matter of fact, it inspired me … I kept looking back and forth at the piled-up laundry in my room, and at my closet.  No sense in putting laundry away when I’d just be pulling it out to switch my closet anyway, right?  So instead, I began purging more … on Wednesday afternoon, I went through my workout clothes and my “lounging” clothes.  I decided to get rid of anything I don’t wear, anything that doesn’t fit, and anything that is just really old-looking.  I ended up downsizing my workout stuff immensely, and it resulted in my being able to select comfortable, functional workout stuff much easier.  Good on me!

Next up was the rest of the closet … keep in mind that I’ve been purging on some level for the past two years.  That’s at least 3 closet switch-ups that have resulted in a rather large donation pile getting sent away.  Still, I felt like nothing in my closet fit.  I had jogging suits (the cute kind, not the Sue Sylvester kind) in small, medium, and large.  I had jeans ranging from size 10-14.  I had shirts that I got just after I had Liam when I didn’t care what they looked like, I just didn’t want them to be from the maternity section.  And I had an enormous stack of clothes in the “doesn’t fit me but might on the off-chance that hell freezes over tomorrow” section. 

I’m not 100% done  yet, but I’m really pleased with the results already.  I have an enormous pile of clothes to get sent away, and some of them are in such great condition that I might end up putting some on eBay before I go tossing everything off to Goodwill.  My “doesn’t fit … yet” pile went from a few dozen wishful thinking hangers to just 6 realistic ones.  My “just find me something to fit my fat ass while I’m nursing this kid” pile went totally away.  Anything that wasn’t my size and wasn’t going to fit me within maybe 10 pounds?  Gone.  I won’t even talk about how big the “Good Lord, what was I thinking when I bought that??” pile was … its almost embarrassing.  If it was getting old and ratty, it was getting tossed.  Can’t look good when you’re looking like a homeless person.

Now, I have a closet full of things that fit, and of things that look good.  I’m trying to be really careful and not just settle for clothes anymore.  If I don’t look damn good in it in the store, its not coming home.  End of story.  I don’t want the closet to end up like it was – full of stuff that might fit, but looks terrible, followed by stuff that doesn’t fit.  The best way to lose weight and get healthy is to feel good about yourself first.  Can’t do that if you’re panicking every morning!

So now I have plenty of space for my new clothes, and honestly – after what I got rid of over this past week, that shopping spree was necessary.  The best part?  I was lamenting the fact that my navy pants were looking sad and needed to go, when I found a pinstriped pair that I didn’t know I  had!  Its nice to get a new wardrobe from shopping, but its even nicer to get an almost-new wardrobe by just being able to see what’s available in the closet.  Honestly, I can’t wait to finish the purge this weekend.  I’m relaxing just thinking about it!


2 Responses to “The Great Closet Purge, Fall 2011 Edition”

  1. lisa d Says:

    thanks for giving me a chuckle…you are always entertaining,even when you write about someyhing as mundane as closet cleaning!!! thanks for just being you!! love ya

  2. Danielle Says:

    I love this post! I have been feeling the urge-to-purge lately too. Probably not the best idea until after the baby is born… but man am I ready! Also … LOVE the new steve madden shoes. You’ll need to let us know if they are comfortable!!! 🙂

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