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Weekly Weigh In: -0.6 21 October 2011

Filed under: Daily Weight Log — lennonzgal @ 11:01

I’m honestly still not comfortable with posting my weight.  I know that I posted it for like  two years on this site, but thanks to a half-marathon (my pants still fit, so I have to assume that its at least partially muscle), I’m much higher than I’d like to discuss.

A couple of weeks ago, Will started his own blog.  Like mine, its mostly about dealing with his weight issues, but his will likely be more random musings than mine is.  I’ve got another blog for that which I never use.   Anyway, in his blog, he started just posting his gain/loss for the week.  He’s not posting his weight at all, just the progress on a weekly basis.  It seemed effective to me: there’s still some sort of public posting of “hey I gained” or “woo! I lost!” and that’s really what I’m going for.  Its the public part – having to report to you guys that I gained is a bummer, but thats what should be motivating me to lose. 

So, I’m going to copy my hubby and give it a try.  This week, I did decently.  Not an all-time amazing loss, but a loss nonetheless, and something to motivate me to go for it again next week.  My goal this weekend is to just make it through – my hardest eating days are the ones where I’m at home.  There are too many choices for me, many of which are “just for Liam” but which somehow make it into my stomach (I swear the Goldfish jumped right from the bag and into my mouth).  So, I’m going to try and take control this weekend and see where I get – a successful weekend is usually also a little extra motivation for the week, and thats something I could really use.


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