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10/22 Workout: C25K W3R3 23 October 2011

Filed under: Feel the Burn — lennonzgal @ 01:47

Finally! Week 3 DONE!

I have to say I’m glad to be done with week 3 – as much as I was not confident that I was ready to move on to week 4, I was getting a little done with the repetitions for week 3. Week 4 still seems a little daunting to me (two sets of a 3:00 run, 1:30 walk, 5:00 run, 2:30 walk), but I’m sure I can do it. Hell, I KNOW I can do it – its more whether I can do it at the 9:30-10:30/mile pace I’ve been running for the past 4 weeks. If I can’t maintain that pace, I think I’ll end up repeating week 4 also, just to get some idea of what my true pace will look like.

All in all though, not a bad run tonight – I was in a better mood after having been surrounded by good friends tonight, albeit a little full of dessert (we were at a birthday party). That good mood turned into a willingness to run (and a desire to work off some of said dessert), and I managed to plow through unscathed.

I’m looking forward to starting week 4. I think it’ll be a good challenge. I’ve got another 5k at the end of the week, so that’ll be a good gauge of how I’m doing – I’d be thrilled to come in a little bit faster than I finished last weekend’s race.


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