A Little Less Of Me

My quest to become thinner and healthier

Weekly Weigh-In: -0.6 28 October 2011

Filed under: Daily Weight Log — lennonzgal @ 10:42

Another half-pound or so lost, which isn’t bad considering I wasn’t sure I’d see anything other than a gain this week because I didn’t get out on a run last night.  It may be slow-going, but I’m happy to see a loss, and I’m trying to make one small change each week that might lead to bigger losses down the line.  I’ve tried making all of my changes at once, and that doesn’t go well, so I’m doing it this time at my own pace to see where it leads.

In the meantime, tonight begins our “Milk That Costume for All Its Worth” weekend.  We have at least 3 trick-or-treating events for Liam, which means that there is going to be a TON of candy in the house.  It’ll be my job to stay the hell away from it.

Tomorrow, I’m in the Hatboro Skeleton Skurry for a little bit of a fun run – I’ll be doing W4R2 tomorrow morning, so I’ll catch up.  Worst to worst, I’m a little “off” on how my weekly runs go, but big deal – I’m not outside for any longer than maybe 35 minutes during one of these runs, so its not like I’ll be missing for hours during the week.  Thought it would be a fun way to kick off Halloween and get a little exercise in at the same time.

Hopefully next week will see two good weeknight runs, followed by a bigger loss because of it.  One can hope 🙂


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