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11/23 Workout: C25K W6R2 24 November 2011

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This one did not go as well as I would have hoped.  In fact, I may repeat it.  Its not for lack of trying; its because I was running on a treadmill.  It was so cold and it was pouring last night, so I postponed the run until I could get to the fitness center in our hotel tonight (we’re staying overnight to see the parade in the morning, then it’ll be back home for Thanksgiving).  As they usually are, the fitness center was rather warm, and there was basically no air circulation.  So, the run sort of slogged.  I ended up with maybe a 13:00/mile average with the walks included, so still not awful.  I think though that I’d like to attempt the run again on Friday in hopes of doing better outside where its cooler and there’s a breeze, or at least some way of getting the sweat to wick off of me.

All of that said, it  was still a decent workout, and it still burned a few pie calories, so there we go.  Pass the pumpkin, please … and Happy Thanksgiving!!


11/20 Workout: C25K W6R1 22 November 2011

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This one was decent, but not my best run, and I totally blame it on myself.  For starters, I’m pretty sure that I drank zero glasses of water on Saturday.  Zero.  I was out and running around, and I had one bottle of my VitaminWater Zero, and I think I grabbed a can of diet soda at some point in the afternoon from a random machine, but no water.  None.  So, yeah … I was sluggish on Sunday.  Add to that the fact that I was too lazy to check the temperature before I headed out, and ended up wearing long pants and long sleeves on a nice, warm day, and you’ll see why I didn’t do my best.

It still wasn’t terrible though – I managed an average of maybe an 11:00 mile running, which is still within my under-12 goal.  I just don’t want that number to continue creeping upward.  I do plan on running either tonight or tomorrow night, based on whichever ends up being more feasible, and I’m hoping that that run can sort of improve upon Sunday, helping me get back toward my goal of getting faster.

We’ll be headed to Philly for the parade on Thanksgiving – staying at the Westin on 17th on Wednesday night.  My hope is that they have a treadmill that I can use that evening, and possibly the next morning too, since Thursday officially begins National Gluttony Month, but more on that a little later!


Workout Catchup 18 November 2011

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Sorry about my MIA status … honestly don’t know where the time goes sometimes.  I’d like to say that I’ll be coming in more often now, but we all know that’s a viscious rumor.  I’ll get here when I get here, and you’ll like it.  Ha.

Anyhow, my MIA-ness here hasn’t translated into an MIA-ness in the realm of running.  Au contraire, my dear readers.  I’ve been running my little toes off and loving it.  Here’s a quick synopsis of my recent runs (I say quick now, but I feel like I’ve got a lot to say, so you may want to take a coffee break somewhere in the middle):

11/8 – C25k W5R1: This was a bit of a pitiful run, if I recall.  Not much else to say except that I then proceeded to take almost a week off due general business.  Oh!  I know – I took a jewelry-making class the Thursday that I was supposed to run, and then I didn’t run again until Sunday.  So, yeah … almost a week off.

11/13 – C25K W5R1.  Again.: Yep, I’m not stupid.  You don’t take a week off on a new week of training and then expect to just progress normally, so I re-started my routine, and I did pretty well considering I was running on all-too-rested legs.  Week 5 is sort of a transition week in that the first 4 weeks of C25K are three runs of the same routine.  Week 5 begins a couple of change-it-up weeks where each run in that week is a little different than the next one.  In this case, run one was 5 minutes of running followed by 3 minutes of walking, rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat.  Honestly, not bad since I did a couple of 5 minute runs the previous week.  Actually, the whole run was 1 minute less than I had been running the week before, so it was almost a break.

11/15 – C25K W5R2: I was seriously nervous about this one.  Like I said, week 5 is a bit of a mishmesh of runs, and this one was two sets of 8 minute runs followed by 5 minute walks.  I don’t believe that I’ve run 8 minutes solid since I started running in 2007 and realized that 8 minutes was a damn long time to be moving that quickly (which, if I’m honest with myself, wasn’t nearly as quickly as I’m moving now, so there’s some good progress in there too).  Add to that the fact that as I walked outside to run, it began to rain … well, drizzle.  Possibly it was just a mist.  But there was wet outside and I didn’t feel like running in it.  I’ve said it in here probably a dozen times that I’ll run in the rain, except that every time I do, there’s always an “unless” following it.  Until that run over Halloween weekend, I don’t know that I’ve ever consciously decided to run WHILE it was raining.  Normally, my “I will run in the rain” mindset has come from the few times that I was a mile or two from home when the downpour started.  This time, I thought to myself, “Its like 60 degress out still, and I have no excuse to go in the house when I just ran in whatever-the-hell-that-weather-was over Halloween.  Ass outside.  Now.”  And my ass obeyed, as did my legs and mind.  I managed to get a good workout in and was really proud of myself.  And honestly, by the time I got home, I was no more wet than I would have been sweating, so go me!

11/17 – C25K W5R3: This one was last night and I was damn nervous about it.  It was an unbroken 20 minute run surrounded on either side with a 5 minute warm up / cool down.  You’ll note that I JUST said that I hadn’t run for 8 solid minutes since like 2007.  I have NEVER run 20 solid minutes that I can think of.  Ever.  Even in the last few times I’ve attempted the C25K, I’m pretty sure that that 20 minute run has always ended up broken into maybe a 10 minute run followed by a walk, followed by a shorter run.  I was determined to eek out those 20 minutes in a decent pace.  Add to that the fact that it was SO SO SO cold, and I didn’t have high hopes for the run at all.  But, I tossed on my cooler-weather gear, added a skull cap, and off I went into the wind and cold.  And I did pretty well, actually.  Despite having a death grip on the sleeves of my shirt for the first mile (I was trying to use my shirt to cover my hands because I seem to have misplaced my running gloves), I was able to clock a decent time.  It looks like I went roughly 2.31 miles in the half-hour run/walk, which amounted to around a 12:58/mile pace, with the 10 minutes of walking included.  Not awful.  I’m hoping to see that number improve as I incorporate more unbroken runs. 

All in all, its not been a bad couple weeks of exercise.  I’m doing well with the C25K, and I’m really still enjoying the FiveFingers, though I will say that I’ll be grabbing a few pairs of toe socks this weekend – my ankles were COLD last night!!


11/3 Workout: C25K W4R3 4 November 2011

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Yet another great run!  Managed to finish two miles around the 25:18 mark, making it about 12:39/mile for the first stretch – not too shabby, considering that there were a few walks involved there.  As much as I thought I was going to have to repeat this week at the beginning, I am really comfortable with moving on to week 5 now.  I’m almost excited for it, in fact.

Week 5 brings on a bit of a challenge, as it ends with a solid 20 minute run – I haven’t run that long without walking probably ever.  I’m not overly nervous, just interested to see how it’ll go.  It starts with a set of 3 runs at 5 minutes each, which I know I can do, so I’m hoping that I’ll get more and more comfortable with it as the week passes.  Worst to worst, I know I can repeat!

Here’s to week 5, people!


11/1 Workout: C25K W4R2 2 November 2011

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That 5K gave me quite the confidence booster! I went from “well, I might kinda-sorta-maybe be able to run something like 11-12 minute miles at the end of this” to “geez, I just ran 12 minute miles WITH walks!” Makes a difference when you’re trying to come up with an overall goal.

Last night, I did the second run in week 4, and felt awesome doing it – I didn’t feel the need to slow down or walk or give in, I just kept on going, and I believe that with the 5 minute walk at the beginning, I hit 2 miles at 25:00, meaning about 12:30/mile. Again – not too shabby.

It also made me think that perhaps I wouldn’t have to repeat week 4, which I swore I was going to have to do. I think I’m going to take this week’s progress and move right on to week 5 next week, which is pretty exciting stuff!


This Just In! 1 November 2011

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Just saw the results for the Skeleton Skurry from last weekend – not only did I run UNDER 13:00/mile, I ran an average of 12:09/mile!!  That’s 20 seconds/mile faster than my fastest 5k (the Strides for Stroke that I ran in 2009), and almost a minute faster than I expected to be this time around!  Not too shabby, considering how much walking I did.  I’m starting to have high hopes that this C25K thing combination with the FiveFingers is working out in my favor …