A Little Less Of Me

My quest to become thinner and healthier

Exercise!! 24 October 2012

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Yesterday, I was able to get out on a really nice walk – probably something like 2.25 miles. Not overly impressive, no, but this was the first time post-section that I was able to get that far without needing a rest and an Advil.

I was doubly excited to learn that my FiveFingers fit once again. My feet (hell, my whole body) had swollen so badly during pregnancy that it has taken this long for it to un-swell. It was so nice to get them back on my feet!

I didn’t do the walk alone yet; Lennon kindly accompanied me in her Baby Bjorn, which gave me a little extra challenge. I didn’t take the Garmin with me, so I don’t know how far exactly I went, nor do I know how fast I was walking, but I do know that I did nearly every side of every sidewalk in my neighborhood, and I know that that’s roughly 2.25 miles. Not bad.

To top it off, Will and Liam got home earlier than expected, so he and I went on a bike ride after dinner. Definitely not challenging at all, but it was movement, and even better – it got Liam out for some exercise too!

I’m not expecting to get out there every day; Will needs to get his exercise in too. I do think I can manage an every other day sort of routine though, so that’s what I think I’ll aim for.


Trying to Get Back Into It 22 October 2012

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I’ve honestly spent the last couple weeks almost re-training myself to eat well. I had my 6 week post-part visit where the doctor gave me permission to run again as long as I easer self back into it – she wants a couple weeks of walking before I kick into any sort of training, and I’m okay with that, because I remember how that first run felt after having Liam, and I wasn’t cut open for his delivery.

So, I’ve signed up for the DailyBurn Tracker, I’ve started to try to work out when I can run (ahem, walk) between feedings, and I’ve started to try to make healthier meal decisions.

I’m honestly quite nervous about the whole thing. I didn’t start dieting with Liam til he was 9 months old. My milk was well established at that point, and we had a well-defined feeding schedule. Lennon is only two months old; her schedule will still change quite a bit, and she’s still changing my supply every few weeks. Exercise and diet can really mess with that if I’m not careful.

I’ve made sure to set up the tracker so that those crucial extra 500 calories are included in my plan, because I’ve got to try this. I am so bothered by this flappy post-section belly, and I’m starting to notice weight-related problems like backaches. I want to take it off as soon as possible.

The challenge will be making sure I still have what Lennon needs – I would never put my own weight loss above breastfeeding her. I plan to nurse her for a year, like I did for Liam, and I’m not letting my own vanity compromise her health. It’s one thing to bit be able to nurse; I know a lot of women who just couldn’t for one reason or another, but each one was truly disappointed by the fact that their child was on formula. It’s another thing entirely to not nurse due to vanity or laziness.

So, all of my preparations lead me to today. I picked Lennon’s two-month birthday to get started and here we are. I’m a bit nervous to have to be in this spot again, but it needs to be done, and I think I’m ready for it.


Changing Tides … And Diets. 3 October 2012

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The first thing I’m really trying to focus on is just refocusing my idea of eating. When I got pregnant this time around, I really stopped paying attention to all of that. I’m sure that part of it was knowing that this would be my last pregnancy – the last time anyone would actually ask ms to gain weight. But more than that are all I’d the enablers on the world; those people ego are well-meaning when they say, “But you’re pregnant. You can have a piece of pie.” Under no circumstance should you think that I’m blaming anyone but myself; I was practically praying for someone to give me the pregnant excuse to have that bagel/donut/milkshake/second helping. In any case, it would have been fine every once in a while, but it was practically daily. And I could have chosen when to take advantage of it and when to say no, but I never said no.

Fast forward to today, and I’m god-knows-how-much heavier, and I’m having trouble reminding myself that there’s no need for dessert every night, and that I don’t need that second helping of lasagna. Breastfeeding means that I actually need to eat an additional 500.calories per day, but I need to make them count. Those calories are being used to make milk for my daughter; a king-size snickers bar is not what the doctor meant.

So, I’m relearning. I’m poking around for that oatmeal recipe that I used to love. I’m cracking open cookbooks for new recipes that encourage healthy eating. I’m trying to look at the plate that I serve to my son (which us always healthier than what I serve myself), and I’m mirroring it on my plate.

It’s going to take me a bit to overhaul the “eat whatever I want” mentality, but I’m getting there meal by meal.