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Trying to Get Back Into It 22 October 2012

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I’ve honestly spent the last couple weeks almost re-training myself to eat well. I had my 6 week post-part visit where the doctor gave me permission to run again as long as I easer self back into it – she wants a couple weeks of walking before I kick into any sort of training, and I’m okay with that, because I remember how that first run felt after having Liam, and I wasn’t cut open for his delivery.

So, I’ve signed up for the DailyBurn Tracker, I’ve started to try to work out when I can run (ahem, walk) between feedings, and I’ve started to try to make healthier meal decisions.

I’m honestly quite nervous about the whole thing. I didn’t start dieting with Liam til he was 9 months old. My milk was well established at that point, and we had a well-defined feeding schedule. Lennon is only two months old; her schedule will still change quite a bit, and she’s still changing my supply every few weeks. Exercise and diet can really mess with that if I’m not careful.

I’ve made sure to set up the tracker so that those crucial extra 500 calories are included in my plan, because I’ve got to try this. I am so bothered by this flappy post-section belly, and I’m starting to notice weight-related problems like backaches. I want to take it off as soon as possible.

The challenge will be making sure I still have what Lennon needs – I would never put my own weight loss above breastfeeding her. I plan to nurse her for a year, like I did for Liam, and I’m not letting my own vanity compromise her health. It’s one thing to bit be able to nurse; I know a lot of women who just couldn’t for one reason or another, but each one was truly disappointed by the fact that their child was on formula. It’s another thing entirely to not nurse due to vanity or laziness.

So, all of my preparations lead me to today. I picked Lennon’s two-month birthday to get started and here we are. I’m a bit nervous to have to be in this spot again, but it needs to be done, and I think I’m ready for it.


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