A Little Less Of Me

My quest to become thinner and healthier

Books 4 January 2011

DISCLAIMER: The links on this page go through my Amazon.com Associates page, which means that I get something like 4% of any book you buy from here.  If you don’t want me to get anything, just don’t follow the link.  I’m putting the books here because I loved them, not because I want money.  Just figured that if I’m going to be posting information on the books I love anyway, might as well get a kickback when I can, right?  Also, I’m not being asked to link these books, I’m doing it because I read them myself and enjoyed them enough to pass them along to you.

I’m hoping to be able to keep this up-to-date.  I wanted to share a list of the books that I loved (and hated) so that others would be able to learn the lessons that I have!

Fitness and Health Books

Run Like a Mother: How to Get Moving–and Not Lose Your Family, Job, or Sanity

  • I can’t get over how good this book was.  Its definitely for anyone who feels like their life is WAY too busy to be able to fit in exercise, and even moreso for those women who have jobs and families.  It talks about why running is important, not just to you, but to everyone around you, and also gives great tips on keeping yourself healthy and motivated to run.  Definitely a must-read!
  • Read more about it here, here, and here too … yep.  Obsessed.

Savor: Mindful Eating, Mindful Life

  • A Buddhist perspective on eating well.  Deeper than the books I usually read, but it gave me an interesting perspective on the food that I eat, and how it is connected to everything else.  I’m a big fan of Thich Nhat Hanh, and this is another great work by him.
  • Read more about it here.

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