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Weekly Weigh-In: -0.6 28 October 2011

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Another half-pound or so lost, which isn’t bad considering I wasn’t sure I’d see anything other than a gain this week because I didn’t get out on a run last night.  It may be slow-going, but I’m happy to see a loss, and I’m trying to make one small change each week that might lead to bigger losses down the line.  I’ve tried making all of my changes at once, and that doesn’t go well, so I’m doing it this time at my own pace to see where it leads.

In the meantime, tonight begins our “Milk That Costume for All Its Worth” weekend.  We have at least 3 trick-or-treating events for Liam, which means that there is going to be a TON of candy in the house.  It’ll be my job to stay the hell away from it.

Tomorrow, I’m in the Hatboro Skeleton Skurry for a little bit of a fun run – I’ll be doing W4R2 tomorrow morning, so I’ll catch up.  Worst to worst, I’m a little “off” on how my weekly runs go, but big deal – I’m not outside for any longer than maybe 35 minutes during one of these runs, so its not like I’ll be missing for hours during the week.  Thought it would be a fun way to kick off Halloween and get a little exercise in at the same time.

Hopefully next week will see two good weeknight runs, followed by a bigger loss because of it.  One can hope 🙂


Weekly Weigh In: -0.6 21 October 2011

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I’m honestly still not comfortable with posting my weight.  I know that I posted it for like  two years on this site, but thanks to a half-marathon (my pants still fit, so I have to assume that its at least partially muscle), I’m much higher than I’d like to discuss.

A couple of weeks ago, Will started his own blog.  Like mine, its mostly about dealing with his weight issues, but his will likely be more random musings than mine is.  I’ve got another blog for that which I never use.   Anyway, in his blog, he started just posting his gain/loss for the week.  He’s not posting his weight at all, just the progress on a weekly basis.  It seemed effective to me: there’s still some sort of public posting of “hey I gained” or “woo! I lost!” and that’s really what I’m going for.  Its the public part – having to report to you guys that I gained is a bummer, but thats what should be motivating me to lose. 

So, I’m going to copy my hubby and give it a try.  This week, I did decently.  Not an all-time amazing loss, but a loss nonetheless, and something to motivate me to go for it again next week.  My goal this weekend is to just make it through – my hardest eating days are the ones where I’m at home.  There are too many choices for me, many of which are “just for Liam” but which somehow make it into my stomach (I swear the Goldfish jumped right from the bag and into my mouth).  So, I’m going to try and take control this weekend and see where I get – a successful weekend is usually also a little extra motivation for the week, and thats something I could really use.


Bloggy Weightlessness 12 August 2011

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I haven’t blogged my weight in a while, and I’m certianly not going to do so today.  I will say this: its not going well, and that’s REALLY getting to me.  I am VERY VERY VERY close to the weight I was when I first started this blog, and that is so incredibly discouraging.

Honestly, I don’t think that I’m eating any differently than I was just 6 months ago when I was significantly lighter and comfortable blogging my weight.  Obviously, though, something has changed. 

My 30 day challenge over on Alainn Go Deo (someday, I’m going to figure out how to add in the little slashy things above the a’s) is coming to a close, and I think that in its place I’m going to work out some sort of weight loss challenge.  I’m going to log every damn thing that I eat.  Everything.  Spoonful of peanut butter?  Write it.  Handful of raisins?  Jot it down.  That last half of a chicken nugget that Liam didn’t want?  Log that bad boy.

I honestly think that there have been a lot of factors that have kept me from losing weight or even from keeping my weight down over the past couple of months.  Being away for weekends here and there, ridiculous stress at work, that sort of thing.  And I’m sure that if I look closely, I’ll find that I have in fact NOT been eating the same as I had been 6 months ago.  I just need to write to figure out where the change happened.

So, over the next 30 days (starting on Sunday), I’m going to write everything.  Some of it will be on WeightWatchers.com, and if I can do it all there, great.  What I can’t do at WW will be done on whatever random piece of paper I can find.  I’ve always got a notepad with me, so I’ll use it when I have to.  Just something to remind myself that I’ve just eaten, and to sort of keep a record of what’s been consumed. 

Let’s see if we can’t get back down to a happy place …


187.8 8 July 2011

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I said I wasn’t going to blog my weight until I became more comfortable with it, but that seems to be taking a while.  Honestly, this is the first week that I’ve at least been relatively happy with progress, so I thought I might as well start back up blogging and see where I go with it. 

We went on vacation the weekend after mother’s day, and I gained a couple of pounds that weekend – after that, I’ve had a hell of a time trying to bring the weight down, and it seems to have continued on its way up and up and up.  In part, I know it was the couple of non-run weeks I had surrounding the bronchitis and the race itself – you can’t lose if you don’t exercise – and that’s where I ended up.  I’m not pleased with it by any stretch of the imagination, but I’ve got to come to terms with it and keep that number moving down, so here I am.  Coming to terms. 

Hopefully next week will have me coming to terms with an even smaller number.  Wouldn’t that be nice?


184.4 15 April 2011

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Not exactly thrilled, but expected.  Like I’ve been saying, there was a good week and a half of indulging in pretty much everything – there were several meals out, lots of cake and ice cream, and home-made hand-painted cookies to finish off.  Needless to say, we did a lot of eating over the last week or so. 

This week has been far more controlled and frankly I’m thrilled – after a while, I get tired of restaurants and desserts.  I can eat at a restaurant maybe twice a month before I start getting frustrated and wanting home-cooked food.  Weird, I know, but I am who I am.

I’m looking forward to a few more weeks of control.  I’m starting to get high mileage, so I’m thinking I need to change my eating regimen from here on in to maximize my run potential.  I’m sort of hoping that in finding some good run-worthy recipes, I also find some healthy meals that end up helping the overall goal of losing weight.  We’ll see what happens.


183.4 1 April 2011

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Yeah, I knew that last week was at least somewhat of a fluke.  I certianly wouldn’t have been shocked to have gained a half or a whole pound, but two pounds was out of the question.  Thankfully, this week proved to put me back in line and back below the pre-Christmas level.  I think I could have gone lower, had I managed a real speedwork run on Tuesday, or managed any sort of run last night – thanks to the rain, I was stuck indoors doing EA Active two days in a row.  Not to say I don’t burn calories with it, but we all know I’m likely burning more hitting the pavement than I am fiddling with resistance bands and a balance board. 

So, we move on to the weekend and into next week.  This weekend is Will’s birthday, and next week is Liam’s.  I see a lot of cake and special meals in my future.  Let’s hope I can keep it under control!!


185.2. Sigh. 25 March 2011

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I was coming up with every excuse in the book not to write this post today, because I’m THAT disappointed with the weight.  I had done so well over the last two weeks, I was hoping to see some more downward motion.  And truth be told, there’s no reason to have gained two pounds this week – yes, I had my free Rita’s on the weekend, but that’s no a two-pounder.  Plus, I did all of my exercises this week, with the exception of my normally scheduled EA Active on Saturday.  To be honest, I more than covered that with the extra mileage on Sunday.

Based on the fact that my legs are still sore, I’m hoping that maybe the gain is due to the fact that my muscles are still swollen.  Whatever the case, this weekend and next week will see a more careful examination of foods, a better determination in exercise, and hopefully a decrease back to where I was last week.  One can hope, right?