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Exercise!! 24 October 2012

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Yesterday, I was able to get out on a really nice walk – probably something like 2.25 miles. Not overly impressive, no, but this was the first time post-section that I was able to get that far without needing a rest and an Advil.

I was doubly excited to learn that my FiveFingers fit once again. My feet (hell, my whole body) had swollen so badly during pregnancy that it has taken this long for it to un-swell. It was so nice to get them back on my feet!

I didn’t do the walk alone yet; Lennon kindly accompanied me in her Baby Bjorn, which gave me a little extra challenge. I didn’t take the Garmin with me, so I don’t know how far exactly I went, nor do I know how fast I was walking, but I do know that I did nearly every side of every sidewalk in my neighborhood, and I know that that’s roughly 2.25 miles. Not bad.

To top it off, Will and Liam got home earlier than expected, so he and I went on a bike ride after dinner. Definitely not challenging at all, but it was movement, and even better – it got Liam out for some exercise too!

I’m not expecting to get out there every day; Will needs to get his exercise in too. I do think I can manage an every other day sort of routine though, so that’s what I think I’ll aim for.


Trying to Get Back Into It 22 October 2012

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I’ve honestly spent the last couple weeks almost re-training myself to eat well. I had my 6 week post-part visit where the doctor gave me permission to run again as long as I easer self back into it – she wants a couple weeks of walking before I kick into any sort of training, and I’m okay with that, because I remember how that first run felt after having Liam, and I wasn’t cut open for his delivery.

So, I’ve signed up for the DailyBurn Tracker, I’ve started to try to work out when I can run (ahem, walk) between feedings, and I’ve started to try to make healthier meal decisions.

I’m honestly quite nervous about the whole thing. I didn’t start dieting with Liam til he was 9 months old. My milk was well established at that point, and we had a well-defined feeding schedule. Lennon is only two months old; her schedule will still change quite a bit, and she’s still changing my supply every few weeks. Exercise and diet can really mess with that if I’m not careful.

I’ve made sure to set up the tracker so that those crucial extra 500 calories are included in my plan, because I’ve got to try this. I am so bothered by this flappy post-section belly, and I’m starting to notice weight-related problems like backaches. I want to take it off as soon as possible.

The challenge will be making sure I still have what Lennon needs – I would never put my own weight loss above breastfeeding her. I plan to nurse her for a year, like I did for Liam, and I’m not letting my own vanity compromise her health. It’s one thing to bit be able to nurse; I know a lot of women who just couldn’t for one reason or another, but each one was truly disappointed by the fact that their child was on formula. It’s another thing entirely to not nurse due to vanity or laziness.

So, all of my preparations lead me to today. I picked Lennon’s two-month birthday to get started and here we are. I’m a bit nervous to have to be in this spot again, but it needs to be done, and I think I’m ready for it.


Changing Tides … And Diets. 3 October 2012

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The first thing I’m really trying to focus on is just refocusing my idea of eating. When I got pregnant this time around, I really stopped paying attention to all of that. I’m sure that part of it was knowing that this would be my last pregnancy – the last time anyone would actually ask ms to gain weight. But more than that are all I’d the enablers on the world; those people ego are well-meaning when they say, “But you’re pregnant. You can have a piece of pie.” Under no circumstance should you think that I’m blaming anyone but myself; I was practically praying for someone to give me the pregnant excuse to have that bagel/donut/milkshake/second helping. In any case, it would have been fine every once in a while, but it was practically daily. And I could have chosen when to take advantage of it and when to say no, but I never said no.

Fast forward to today, and I’m god-knows-how-much heavier, and I’m having trouble reminding myself that there’s no need for dessert every night, and that I don’t need that second helping of lasagna. Breastfeeding means that I actually need to eat an additional 500.calories per day, but I need to make them count. Those calories are being used to make milk for my daughter; a king-size snickers bar is not what the doctor meant.

So, I’m relearning. I’m poking around for that oatmeal recipe that I used to love. I’m cracking open cookbooks for new recipes that encourage healthy eating. I’m trying to look at the plate that I serve to my son (which us always healthier than what I serve myself), and I’m mirroring it on my plate.

It’s going to take me a bit to overhaul the “eat whatever I want” mentality, but I’m getting there meal by meal.


The Kiddie Conspiracy 29 September 2012

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There are a lot of things that women conveniently omit when describing pregnancy and early parenthood. Sometimes i think it’s a bit of “if I have to suffer, so do you,” and other times I believe that those thing need to be omitted so that people don’t miss out on one of theist awesome experiences that life can offer. In reality, it’s probably a combination of both.

For instance, you’ll hear things like, “oh sure – you’ll have plenty of time to do that when you’re home with the baby!” Like blogging. What they fail to mention is that your “plenty of time” comes around 3am when you’re feeding the little cherub and plotting a million ways to injure the currently-sleeping father. So it’s less a lie and more an omission of the truth. Thankfully, I knew what I was getting into with Lennon, and I nurse her with smartphone in hand. I apologize now for all of the misspellings – one can only accomplish so much one-handed.

Even more important though is the fact that no one mentions exactly how long it takes for your body to snap back after a birth. I wasn’t out of maternity wear until Liam was 3 months old. Evidently, we are not part rubber band. With Lennon, I’m a month in and I’m getting impatient. All of my maternity clothes from this round are summer clothes, and I don’t want to buy maternity jeans for the winter. Instead, I hit the shops for some leggings. I’m hoping that i might get into leggings earlier than normal pants due to their stretchyness. There’s something to be said about the feeling you get that first day you’re out of maternity and back into normal clothes – despite lack of sleep, being covered in spit-up, and the nursing bra you’re wearing, those normal clothes make you feel human again.

I realize I’m only a month out this time, but I’m itching to feel decent about what I see in the mirror again. I don’t even mean due to weight loss, I just mean feeling good about the clothes I selected. Feeling good in your own skin is step one to getting healthy again. I just know that if I can feel confident in the mirror. I’ll be confident at the table, and I’ll make better decisions. I know I can do this, I just have to do it one step at a time.


Been A While, Hasn’t It? 27 September 2012

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Don’t adjust your RSS feed, I promise it’s not broken. After nearly a year of absence, I’m back! And the reason I disappeared? I had a baby! Our little girl joined us in August of this year – now she’s nearly a month old and I’ve got a LOT of baby weight to shed. During my pregnancy, I surpassed the 250-pound mark, which scared the hell out of me. Thankfully, it was in the last week or so, so I didn’t sail past it. At my 1-week post-partum visit, I was back under, but only just. Unfortunately, this one was a c-section, so running wont be back for a bit still. I’ve been walking when I can fit it in, but having a four year old males that a little harder than you’d expect – when sister sleeps, brother wants to play, not take a walk.

We are all working hard to get used to all of the changes in our lives, though, and sure we’ll all hit a groove soon enough. In the meantime, my brother is getting married in two weeks, and my dress is being altered as we speak. I’ve been ordered not to lose weight to make sure it fits, so I’m trying to just maintain status quo til then. I plan to spend the next couple weeks trying to put together meal plans (and actually stick to them), and just generally try to figure out what I need to do to get back under 200 and then under 175. Baby steps, right?



This Just In! 1 November 2011

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Just saw the results for the Skeleton Skurry from last weekend – not only did I run UNDER 13:00/mile, I ran an average of 12:09/mile!!  That’s 20 seconds/mile faster than my fastest 5k (the Strides for Stroke that I ran in 2009), and almost a minute faster than I expected to be this time around!  Not too shabby, considering how much walking I did.  I’m starting to have high hopes that this C25K thing combination with the FiveFingers is working out in my favor …


Boutique Shopping 13 October 2011

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It was early in the morning when I wrote that last post, and I’m currently wondering what I was smoking … it was all over the place, but I’m not one for going back and editing out, so I figured I’d clarify in another post.

I by no means wanted to come off as unhappy that I went gown shopping with my sister-in-law-to-be.  She’s an amazing woman, and I’m sooooo glad to be getting the absolute best sister in law in the WORLD.  I had a ball on Tuesday night, and it was in no small part thanks to Breinn and her fabulously gorgeous sisters.

My beef was with the boutique itself, and bridal boutiques like that in general.  There were maybe 2 weeks of my life where I would have been small enough to fit in any of those dresses.  I realize that there’s still a large population of the world that is that tiny, but what I’m asking here is that boutiques consider the trends going on in the world – I realize its not GOOD that so many people are heavy/fat/chubby/obese/overweight/etc, but its a fact, and having dresses that are too small to fit most normal women isn’t a way to have a lot of happy customers. 

Seriously, would it be that hard to have the dress in, say, a size 10, and then the same dress (maybe in another color to show off more of the fabrics) in a size 18 or 20?  Look at it this way – its common knowledge that a normally-sized 10 would require a 12 or even a 14 in a bridal gown because the morons who put those dresses together don’t comply with the rest of the world.  Perhaps its the bridal industry that’s in the right here; vanity sizing has caused smaller sizes to get bigger and bigger and bigger over the years.  Let’s be honest – if I’ve got the choice between wearing a pair of 12’s in Levis and a pair of 14’s in Lee, I’m probably buying the Levi’s. 

I found this quote on Wikipedia:

Size irregularities have existed for many years. In Sears’s 1937 catalog, a woman with a 32 inches (81 cm)-bust would have worn a size 14 dress. In 1967, the same woman would have worn an 8. In 2011, she would wear a zero.

If that’s the case, then perhaps the bridal industry is just trying to stick to their guns.  Perhaps they’re  trying  to stress how “off” sizing is in ready-made clothing.  And I get it, I really do.  I understand that when I buy those Levi’s 12’s, its not making me a 12.  Its making Levi’s a little generous in their fabric usage.  That said, the size 10 gowns in the bridal store are going to fit a woman maybe in a 6 or 8 – definitely not me and my size 14 bootie. 

All I’m saying is that it would be nice to offer a small size and a big size.  I understand you can’t accommodate everyone, but if I’m a 14 and I fit into the 10 dress well enough to see how it would look on me (the zipper wouldn’t close, but the dress sat sort of where it should), then having a size 16 or even 18 in the store would offer some of us larger chicks a chance to see exactly how the dress fits. 

Not to mention, how am I supposed to know how to size myself for the dress?  They say to go up 1-2 dress sizes to get an appropriate fit.  So, if I order an 18 to be safe, and it turns out that I’m really a 12/14 and I would have fit in the 16 dress, now I have to pay a ridiculous amount of money to have it taken in.  It would be nice to try on two dresses and say, “Ok, the 10 didn’t zip at all, and the 18 was just a little big.  I’m probably safe in the 16,” or “The 10 zipped a little bit and the 18 was enormous on me – probably I can manage the 14.”  Instead, I’ll be left to guess what my size is with the help of a boutique lady who is probably hoping I buy a size too big so that I have to pay them to take it in.  Personally, I find shopping in stores like that to be stressful and mortifying.  Thankfully,  I was with a group of girls that really made me feel so comfortable and so welcome, no matter what size I was.  I couldn’t ask for a better group of bridesmaids to hang out with!

Ok, I’m done with my soapbox now.  I honestly can’t wait to find out which dress Breinn picked, and I can’t wait to get it and twirl around in it, because they were both gorgeous!  Its just FINDING the dress that’s nerve-wracking … nothing like standing around with your skivvies showing because the shop didn’t feel like accommodating a multitude of curves!