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Been A While, Hasn’t It? 27 September 2012

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Don’t adjust your RSS feed, I promise it’s not broken. After nearly a year of absence, I’m back! And the reason I disappeared? I had a baby! Our little girl joined us in August of this year – now she’s nearly a month old and I’ve got a LOT of baby weight to shed. During my pregnancy, I surpassed the 250-pound mark, which scared the hell out of me. Thankfully, it was in the last week or so, so I didn’t sail past it. At my 1-week post-partum visit, I was back under, but only just. Unfortunately, this one was a c-section, so running wont be back for a bit still. I’ve been walking when I can fit it in, but having a four year old males that a little harder than you’d expect – when sister sleeps, brother wants to play, not take a walk.

We are all working hard to get used to all of the changes in our lives, though, and sure we’ll all hit a groove soon enough. In the meantime, my brother is getting married in two weeks, and my dress is being altered as we speak. I’ve been ordered not to lose weight to make sure it fits, so I’m trying to just maintain status quo til then. I plan to spend the next couple weeks trying to put together meal plans (and actually stick to them), and just generally try to figure out what I need to do to get back under 200 and then under 175. Baby steps, right?