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Exercise!! 24 October 2012

Filed under: Feel the Burn,Musings — lennonzgal @ 12:55

Yesterday, I was able to get out on a really nice walk – probably something like 2.25 miles. Not overly impressive, no, but this was the first time post-section that I was able to get that far without needing a rest and an Advil.

I was doubly excited to learn that my FiveFingers fit once again. My feet (hell, my whole body) had swollen so badly during pregnancy that it has taken this long for it to un-swell. It was so nice to get them back on my feet!

I didn’t do the walk alone yet; Lennon kindly accompanied me in her Baby Bjorn, which gave me a little extra challenge. I didn’t take the Garmin with me, so I don’t know how far exactly I went, nor do I know how fast I was walking, but I do know that I did nearly every side of every sidewalk in my neighborhood, and I know that that’s roughly 2.25 miles. Not bad.

To top it off, Will and Liam got home earlier than expected, so he and I went on a bike ride after dinner. Definitely not challenging at all, but it was movement, and even better – it got Liam out for some exercise too!

I’m not expecting to get out there every day; Will needs to get his exercise in too. I do think I can manage an every other day sort of routine though, so that’s what I think I’ll aim for.


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